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LT: The Life and Times …Lawrence Taylor

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If you have Showtime and you have the chance please watch this show LT: the life and Times.
If you are a Giants fan you will love the interviews with Beasley Reece, Bill Parcells, Carl Banks, Phil Simms and Steve DeOssie. This documentary tells all the dirt about the life of Lawrence Taylor and he doesn’t shy away from talking about it all. Some of it you may know and other things you might not have known, but in any case it is a good documentary about the greatest defensive player to ever play the game …Lawrence Taylor.



  1. Didn’t catch the show. Not even sure I have Showtime… But my #56 jersey still hangs in my closet to this day. Still considered the most feared defensive player of his generation. The first question that the offensive line and opposing QB would ask before calling a play was, Where’s LT?”

    • bklynboy59 says:

      It was a true no holds bared documentary on LT and it didn’t leave anything out. Including his arrest for being with the young prostitute.You would have loved it. Picture LT vs Jim Brown each in their prime going up against each other….The greatest running back in the history of the game and the greatest defensive player who rewrote defense in the history of the game…..

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