Grunwald out Mills back in …who is running the Knicks Isiah Thomas?

Steve Mills Knicks new GM

Just in case you missed it like I did this pass week… the Knicks made a move this off season their biggest move of the off season. No they did not resign Carmelo Anthony, at least not yet, no they didn’t trade for another superstar. They pulled an Isiah Thomas like move and removed Glen Grunwald as General Manager and replaced him with Steve Mills who used to worked at the Garden 5 years ago.

Why would the Knicks aka James Dolan make this move? Grunwald took over after the departure of Donnie Walsh who did the heavy lifting of returning the Knicks back to respectability. Grunwald then tweeked the roster than helped the Knicks win their first division title since the Patrick Ewing years. From here the arrow on the Knicks was pointed in the up direction. Understanding that this is the LeBron era and that he is in his prime, the Knicks are still in a better place right now than where they were when Isiah Thomas left this franchise in ruins.

Glen Grunwald out going Knick GM

What did Grunwald do wrong in keeping the Knicks competitive? What else was he supposed to do with this roster that Steve Mills is now be hired to do?
This smells of Isiah Thomas returning in a major way but the problem is Grunwald was an Isiah guy as well as Mills. So I don’t understand why this move and now. Is Dolan that afriad of the Nets that he has to do a Steinbrenner move to steal the back page from the Nets who also has won nothing more than the back page this offseason? Dolan made a move for the sake of making a move and that is the worse move the Knicks could have made at this time. For the first time in many years the Knicks looked and felt stable and ran like a team that was on the up swing. Could they beat the top teams in the NBA yes, but it’s about how you match up that matter.

Knick fan you and I both know there is more to this move than meets the eye.

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