Pujois Sues Jack Clark over steroid accusation

According to a published report Albert Pujois is suing Jack Clark for comments accusing Pujois of taking steroids.

The petition says Pujols’ ”character and reputation are impeccable and beyond reproach” and cites his charitable work with the Pujols Family Foundation, while calling Clark ”a struggling radio talk show host” who was chasing ratings in the first week his new show was on the air.

Pujols, a nine-time All-Star, played for the Cardinals from 2001-11, then left to sign a $240 million, 10-year contract with the Los Angeles Angels.

”My lawyers have told me that the upcoming legal fight will not be an easy one, and that in cases like this even a liar can sometimes be protected under the law,” Pujols said in a statement. ”I have never shied away from standing up for the truth, and I believe that the principles at stake are too important to sit back and do nothing.”

”I believe we are all accountable for the things we do and say, and it was important for me to stand up for what was right against those who would seek to drag me down to try and build themselves up,” he said.

The lawsuit came one day after three-time AL MVP Alex Rodriguez sued Major League Baseball and Commissioner Bud Selig in New York for alleged interference with his current and prospective business deals. Rodriguez has a $275 million, 10-year contract with the New York Yankees, the only baseball deal larger than Pujols’ agreement.

What ever happened to sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me?
Just because says something you don’t like or says something that you feel isnb’t true isn’t grounds enough to sue them…or is it?

Just because someone sues you for remarks made doesn’t mean that they didn’t do what you said they did. Just remember Ryan Braun denied ever taken steroids took down the collector and ruined his creditability. Only to find out that Braun had lied all long.

How about Lance Armstrong who for years who denied steroid talk who sued others who dared talk out about his use, who won 7 Tour de France titles, ended up losing it all whe he had no choice and admitted to using steroids.

These are just a couple of examples that I will point to when everyone says see ARod didn’t use steroid or how do we know he did apparently he didn’t because he is suing MLB or that Albert Pujois is suing Jack Clark for comments Clark made for saying he knew for a fact that Pujois is a juicer. Just remember people do things to cove other things to protect themselves from losing everything they have…(see Lance Armstrong)

Pujois was an amazing hitter before he left StLouis and went further west to California. Somehow he forgot how to hit once he got paid, maybe instead of looking to sue Jack Clark, Pujois should go find his lost stroke and go back to the amazing hitter he was in StLouis.

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