Old School Tuesday: Joe Namath

joe namath

In his time Elvis Pressley, the Beatles, Muhummad Ali and Joe Namath were larger than life. They were everwhere. Namath was on tv in the movies on tv shows did commericals and oh by the way he was a great football player. He was the central reason for the NFL- AFL merger back in 1970. THe AFL in many respects succeed where the WFL, USFL and XFL did not. They made the NFL take notice that they were every bit as good as they were and Namath and the Jets cemented that feeling when they upset the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl 3 16-7. Namath is a legend in New York that is how big he is even now today.

By today’s standard many of his passing yards would be considered substandard, because the NFL has relaxwed the rules on defense and made it a passing league.But in his time he was nothing short of breath taking to watch. He played in the windtunnel known as Shea Staduim in the winter which doubled as the home of the New York Mets during the summer and you can see the baseball diamond in the highlights.

From the moment Namath was traded to the Los Angeles Rams in 1976 the New York Jets have been on a 37 year quest to find the next Joe Namath. Even Jet fans like myself fall into the trap believing the next QB will be …Joe Namath. What all us us fail to realize…There will never be another Joe Namath. So without further adeiu …Joe Namath highlights.

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