Monday Morning Quarterbacking…Texans lose game and coach, Broncos lose coach and the Jets soar

The Houston Texans who were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders this season fell to 2-6, looking nothing like the team that many thought would be one of the elite teams in the AFC. The Texans were up 21-3 and then the roof caved in. Then the Colts rallied to take over the game and pulled out a 27-24 win that left the Texans wondering what was it going to take to win. In the process the Texans lost their head coach Gary Kubiak with the Texans up 21-3 when Kubiak went down leaving the field at the break, the Texans unraveled in the second half, falling 27-24 to the Indianapolis Colts for their sixth straight loss after opening the season 2-0 with Super Bowl hopes.

”We were all very worried,” quarterback Case Keenum said. ”When we went back out they told us he was … stable. We were all upset about that but trying to stay focused at the same time.”

Kubiak hunched over and dropped to his knees at the 24 yard line and was immediately surrounded by medical personnel. He was lifted off the field on a stretcher and taken by gurney to the ambulance.

The Texans didn’t say what was wrong with Kubiak, but did say he didn’t have a heart attack and he was in stable condition. The team said the 52-year-old coach was conscious and was with his family as he was taken to the hospital.

”He had an episode, he was light-headed and dizzy,” Texans general manager Rick Smith told NBC after the game. ”He was evaluated by a number of specialists … he is awake and coherent.

”He went to a knee, and they laid him on the ground. He is stable; for precautionary reasons we wanted to get him to the hospital. We have to assess … obviously, there’s a lot of info. Hopefully, Gary will be back with us tomorrow.”

Another Headcoach Denver Bronocs coach John Fox also will be missing from the sidelines. Fox needs aortic valve replacement surgery and will miss several weeks. He was taken to a hospital near his Charlotte, N.C., home Saturday when he began feeling dizzy while playing golf during the Broncos’ bye week.

The Broncos (7-1) play at San Diego on Sunday. in his absence Jack Del Rio will coach the team, he has previous head coaching experience in Jacksonville.

And the big upset of the day …The New York Jets beat the New Orleans Saints 26-20. Yes you read that right. The Jets beat the Saints, in a game no one thought the Jets would win or as one so called expert said..they have to play the perfect game. My friend, Hank at Fantasy Furnace said it right, that the Jets win every other week and was on point with the win this week. The Jets played it safe with Geno Smith and featured the run using former Saint Chris Ivory in many of the runs of the day. Next week is the bye for the Jets so the question is can they come off the bye week with a win against their division oppoenets the Buffalo Bills? Every other win they… could they do it again???

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