Monday Morning quarterbacking: Jets lose , Giants win, Chiefs no longer undefeated

Jet fans are screaming everywhere for Matt Simms. Geno Smith isn’t cutting it. Get Simms in there now. Let’s see what he’s got. One problem we all the mst popular player on the team is…the backup quarterback when the team isn’t going well. That is unless your quarterback is Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Drew Brees. So Jet fans have seen enough of Geno Smith the second round draft pick out of Virginia tech and now want Phil Simms son Matt in there. Word to Jet fans…becareful what you wish for …the backu always looks good until he plays and then you find out why he is the backup and not the starter. Smith was supposed to be the back up learning from Sanchez remember? So when Sanchez went down, the fans who are now screaming for Simms to start were then saying let’s see with Smith’s got. How quickly we forget. The Jets were not even supposed to be 500 at this point. Be honest where did you have the Jets this season? If everything broke right I had them 6-10 and that is being very optimistic. 5-5 is nothing short of a miracle, take it for what it’s worth. There is a reason Geno Smith was the 39th pick in the draft and not the 1st the 2nd or the 3rd …and now we know he doesn’t read defenses well and holds on to the ball too long and puts the ball on the ground way too much. Still inspite of that the Jets are 5-5. Give the kid a break, he is a rookie. He is not Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson or even RG3, he is a rookie QB with flaws to his game. Let the season out before making changes that will further set this team back.

As for the Giants this makes 4 in a row. Yes I know the Giants beat teams missing their top QB’s but guess what? You don’t feel sorry for them because they won’t feel sorry for you when you are missing a key player. Had the Giants lost any of the games they won, you’d never hear the end of how did they lose to the Packers without Aaron Rodgers???? Ok so let’s cut the tape right there. The fact is the Giants did win their last 4 games and now have now let NFC know that they are visable in the mirror the can see them from behind…should the Giants beat the dallas Cowboys this week …at 5-6 the lights get brighter and the pressure in Dallas, Philly and Washington gets more intense. Should the Giants lose …then all bets for the Giants are off they will have no tie breakers with the Cowboys and will not be able to control their own destiny and basically be out of the playoff picture. At 4-6 the Giants have nugged their way back in the picture at 5-6 they make enough noise to be heard. So big blue it’s up to you to stay true and rise to the occassion again.

The Chiefs are unbeaten no more …Denver 27 Kansas City 17…nuff said.

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