Mike Francesa on Alex Rodriguez interview: I asked him all the tough questions

mike francesa and arod

For those of you who don’t live in the New York media market, you missed a must listen event. For those who live in the New York media market you either listened and then laughed or listened and went about your business to do something else. Alex Rodriquez is like the Network TNT he knows drama. So when it was told to him and his representatives that Major League Baseball’s Commissioner Bud Selig was not going to show up for the arbitration hearing on Arod’s appeal of his 211 games suspension, ARod went ballistic and …went home ..nope went out drinkinig with friends …nope instead he went to the studios of WFAN and basically threw himself at Mike Francesa and took his case on the air and challeneged Bud Selig to come to New York.

ARod even went as far as to say that Selig doesn’t like New York and wants no part of it. But if he has all this evidence as he says he does come to New york and look me in the eye…reviting radio to be sure and Francesa was more than happy to be on the receiving end of this …not that he needs the ratings. Francesa has been in Arod’s corner from the beginning when this PED scandal first broke. He has defended ARod and his defene of ARod has been rewarded. When ARod wanted to challenge Selig he knew who to go to and who has had his back in this scandal, so Francesa was the logical one.

My question as I listened to the interview was would Mike Francesa have defended ARod as hard if ARod was a Texas Ranger or a Seattle Mariner as opposed to being a Yankee? While many have discredited ARod’s home runs since he disclosed he did PED use when he was a Ranger, Francesa has touted Rodriquez for his talent as a slugger. Bernie Williams and Mickey mantle are Francesa’s favorite Yankees …ARod has to be next if not real close on that list of favorite yankees. He defends ARod harder than Yankee on recent record when it comes to PED use.

One thought that kept running through my mind when listening to this interview…as much as ARod denies use of PED’s …two words came to mind …Lance Armstrong! He denied fought and sued any abd everyone who dared say that he cheated only when they took everything away from Armstrong did he then admit he lied about his use, he cheat and that he bullied everyone when they threaten to expose him …If it is found out that ARod is lying now and did use PEDS from the biogensis clinic or anywhere else for that matter he is done and Francesa will have been played for a chump. That is the risk Francesa runs by going all in with ARod, if Arod is exposed as a fraud like Armstrong how does that make Francesa look after all this time defending ARod?

Yes he did ask all the tough questions:Did you ever use PEDS? Why is baseball only coming after you?
The problem isn’t the questions, the problem is what if the answers are lies? What then? Don’t forget ARod looked Katie Couric in the eye and told her he never used steroids …only to find out later that he did and lied about it. ARod is skilled at playing the media game, and he knew who to go see to pleaed his case and call out Bud Selig…Mike Francesa. He didn’t go on ESPN’s Michael kay’s show…nope he was in studio On Miked up with Mike Francesa. He plays to the media better than almost any current player in New York. He made the remark that Selig is retiring and wants as his going away legacy ARod on his wall…at that point you almost want to feel sorry for ARod…almost.

This is a creation of his own doing. Having lied once about it makes it diffcult for anyone to believe differently a second time even if he never failed a drug test. As we found out players find very elaborate ways to pass test when they are jucing or doing other drugs. So just because he didn’t fail a test doesn’t mean he is clean he just means he didn’t get caught…just ask Lance Armstrong.

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