SmallThoughts: Monday Morning Quarterbacking…Jets and Giants win …should Coughlin and Rex keep their jobs?

In a game that meant nothing to either the Jets or the Browns in terms of playoff contention, it was a game that meant everything to Jets Head coach Rex Ryan. Using it as a motivational tool Ryan reportedly told the players that he would let go as head coach after the season. While it was not confirmed by the Jets GM John Idzik or Owner Woody Johnson that a decision was reached on the status of Rex Ryan, the Jets still had a home game against the Cleveland Browns and beat the Browns 24-13. It was a good performance by rookie Quarterback Geno Smith, it wasn’t great but it was good enough. With the Jets down 10-0 in the second quarter, the last two drives by the Jets to end the first half were something to build on for Geno Smith. Geno found David Nelson for a touch down which pulled the Jets with 3 at 10-7 and then on the final drive to end the half the Jets scored on a field goal to tie it at 10-10. The Jets went on to score 14 more points in the second half of the game to pull away from Cleveland to make the final score 24-13. The win put the Jets at 7-8 which is more than most people expected from the Jets. Next week the final game of the season is against the Miami Dolphins. The Jets should be up for this game as it is against a division opponent and it is against a Dolphins team that blew them out at home(23-3) recently so payback should be in order.

As for the Giants …whew that was a game that they almost let get away and it took them overtime to get the win. Let’s go back just alittle. The Giants were playing a Detroit Lion team that needed to win to get in the playoffs. The Giants are not getting in the playoffs so they took on the role as spoiler in this game. At the half the Giants were up 13-3 and had command of the game.
This should have been a easier game for the Giants considering the fact that the Lions in big moments come up short. Yet before long the Giants turned a 13-3 lead into a 20-13 Detroit lead with minutes to play in the game. A key interception by Justin Tuck turned things around for the Giants as they took advantage and scored tying the game at 20-20 and going to overtime where the Giants did come away with the win.

With one game left in the season for both the Jets and the Giants what is the status for both head coaches? Much has been said about both being fired and you can make a case for both getting fired and a case could be made for both staying. Let’s just go out a limb here for a moment and say the following. Tom Coughlin has two Super Bowl wins to his coaching resume which is nothing to dismiss, it goes a long way toward deciding to keep a coach. The big question is has the game pass him by? Answer…No. Now does this mean that there shouldn’t be changes to the Giants? No Perry Fewell and Kevin Gilbright could very well be fired after the season. Eli Manning’s poor play this season and lack of accountibility will put Gilbright at risk for another coach who will be a different voice in Eli’s ear.The defense had played well at times but the schemes that Fewell uses is more of a read and react kind instead of attack mode that the Giants used in the past. Should they make a change at Defensive coordinator expect the Gmen to go with a more attack minded type coach.Would a change at either Coordinator position affect Coughlin? Yes but he shouldn’t lose his job. When the team was 0-6 they still played hard and didn’t tank the season which would have been easy to do. That is a tribute to the coaching job Coughlin has done.

Rex Ryan has gone on record telling his players that word on the street has it he will be fired. Guess what? He is right. Chances are he will be fired. Unless Owner Woody Johnson steps in and decides to play GM and keep Rex, then Idzik will bring in his his own coach. Considering the offensive woes of the Jets and considering that offense is the order of the day in the NFL the Jets will get a coach that will be more in tuned with the offense something that current head coach Rex Ryan has not been with his time with the Jets.Just as in the case of Tom Coughlin who has past history on his side to stay as coach as the Giants, Rex Ryan also has a history with the Jets. His not so good as Coughlin’s. After two straight AFC championship appearances the Jets seem headed to be one of the elite teams in the AFC and talk of being a Super Bowl contender swirled around the Jets. But the last three seasons including this one has seen the Jets further and further away from not only the Super Bowl but the playoffs as well. If Ryan was to be judged on this season alone, I’d be inclined to bring him back. This team was at best a 6-10 team if everything went right and if everything went wrong 3-13 team. The fact that they are at 7 wins with one left to play says that Rex has coached out of his mind this year with little talent on the offensive side of the ball. The defense which has always been his niche’ is solid despite a very weak secondary. But this is not about this season alone, this marks three straight years of non playoff appearances. Nothing short getting to the playoffs this year would have saved Rex’s job. As the GM coming in to a coaching situation like this Idzik is going to look to put his stamp on this team and part of that is looking for a coach that fits his philosophy. That and draft picks and 40 million of cap space to upgrade this team.

So sit tight and get ready for the changes to come on both the Giants and the Jets, it will be a busy off season for both New York teams.

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