Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday …Howard Cosell

young howard cosellHoward Cosell

The voice was nasil and annoying, yet humorous.By many accounts there would be no Ali without him, as much as Ali and Frazier were linked together, Cosell had as much to do with the shaping of Ali the legend. Never was there such a connection of announcer and boxer like Ali and Cosell both in the ring and out the ring. He fought for Ali’s right to box and get his license back when Ali refused to go into the military. Win or lose Cosell was in Ali’s corner. Ali would always try to mess with Cosell’s hairpiece, and crack on Cosell, Cosell would say, champ they say your’e not the fighter you used to be,and on cue Ali would say Howard your wife says you ain’t the man you used to be…all in good fun of course. Cosell was also there for the rising of another in the mold of Ali …Sugar Ray Leonard. In many respects Cosell was an image maker of Boxing. No one since has been that powerful in and out of Boxing like the one and only Howard Cosell. Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday salutes …Howard Cosell.

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