Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …the Greatest Muhammad Ali


What else can one say that hasn’t already been said about the man.For a younger generation who never saw him in his prime, you just don’t appreciate what he did for sports, and athletes,now everyone talks trash…Ali was the first and master trash talker, he talked in the ring out the ring …he was nicknamed the Louisville lip…among other things. He was boxing. Today’s generation knows him as the man who shakes due to Parkinson’s disease, our generation knows him as the man who stood on the strength of his convictions, who spoke his mind on world issues and who had both style and substance in the ring. He was the first to win the heavyweight title three times…1964, 1974, 1978.He was everything this generation thinkos of when you mention Michael Jordan …and more. He was larger than life…he was and will always be in the minds of many the greatest of all time..he wasn’t bashful about saying it himself.

Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday …salutes the greatest of all time, float like a butterfly sting like bee …the one and only Muhammad Ali.

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Welcome to Smallthoughtsinasportsworld. We keep it fun and we keep interesting and informative. On Tuesdays we go back in time with Old School Tuesdays, on Thursdays we keep it fun by Smallthoughts Trivia Thursday and on Fridays is Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week and Smallthoughts:Rave of the Week and we also post the answer from Smallthoughts:Trivia Thursday. I am a lifelong New York Mets, Knicks and Jets and Giants fan. I root hard for my teams and have rooted for them even when it wasn't and in some cases still isn't easy. I enjoy talking sports, and on here I get to write about it as well. I have my thoughts hence Small thoughts, we will not always agree, but respectfully speak about what we feel. I invite your comments and feedback as well. You can also follow me on twitter @bklynboy59 and facebook Jerry bklynboy Small

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