Smallthoughts: Monday Morning Quarterbacking… AFC and NFC Championships feature the 4 best teams

This coming weekend the NFL has league championship games that feature the 4 best teams in the league. Each with a chip on it’s shoulder and any of them can make a case for being the best in their league, and ultimately make a case to win the Super Bowl.The games have built in story lines that make it appealing.

Broncos vs Patriots…Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady. Brady seems to always be in Peyton’s path to the Super Bowl. Neither defense is great, they both play bend but don’t break defense, which means the game will come down to the final poesession. Who will have the ball last? Will it be Tom Brady? If it’s Brady everything is fair game for the defense they have to look out for everything Brady will throw their way. He is the master of the last minute play. Peyton Manning with the ball last …he too can make a last minute drive but he is more likely to throw an interception especially against the Pats which has been his bug a boo. So can Manning avoid the big INT against the Pats defense , can the Broncos score often and early against the Patriots so as not to put Manning in that spot?

Seahawks vs 49ers… This is the heavyweight bout to end all heavyweight bouts if you a fan of either team. Both teams believe their are better than the other. They have played each other twice each winning once. Both teams really hate each other and both believe they are the best in the league. In some circles the winner of this game could be the winner of the Super Bowl. The young guns at Quarterback Kaepernick and Wilson will affect the game a lot. Both are not afraid of pressure but Wilson is playing at home and we all know how good the Seahawks are in their building …again like the Broncos and the Patriots the game will come down to the last poessesion of the game…the question will be …which defense will be able to withstand the pressure?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the Broncos will beat the Patriots in a nail biter… and Seattle playing at home and the fact that they are just a nudge better all round team than the 49ers gives them the edge in a low scoring tough as nails game ….

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