Is Peyton Manning’s career tarnished with this Super Loss?

Peyton the Bronco

I admit I was hoping that Peyton Manning would win his second Super Bowl, in fact I had picked the Broncos to win in an exciting, close nail biter…well it didn’t happen that way at all. They were never in this game, from the opening snap…the Broncos were never in the game. They never made adjustments to what the Seahawks were doing on defense and then the Seahawks just manhandled the Broncos. 8-0 and the game was still in reach 16-0 I turned to a friend who was watching the game with me and said this game is over …23-0 this is really over and at that point it didn’t matter. The Broncose looked like they wanted this game to be over. Half time was long enough to make adjustments to come out with a new wrinkle to make the SeaHawks think they were in a game…instead the Seahawks took it to them again. No matter how much of optimistic fan you are, you knew there was no comeback in the Broncos. Maybe even more so in Peyton Manning, the arm strength didn’t look like it was there, balls were tipped and intercepted and he was treated with no respect at all. Before the game many people believed that Manning had to win to cement his legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. I wasn’t among those that believed that. Either you are great or your not. It’s that simple. You either believe Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time or you don’t. Too many people want to point to his post season record to say he isn’t so great. Yet how quickly we forget two things, to have the post season record that Manning has, you have to win alot of big regular season games to get to that point which few quarterbacks have done, which makes the Bradys, Mannings (Peyton and Eli) and Brees and Rodgers the Elite ones in that respect.But does this Super bowl loss tarnish Peyton Manning’s hall of fame career? In my opinion …no did 3 Super Bowl losses tarnish John Elway’s career? No, did losing 4 Super Bowls tarnish Jim Kelly’s career? no what about Fran Tarkinton’s losses in the Super Bowl, did it tarnish his career? No …all three are in the Hall of Fame. Do they wish they could have those games back…sure but the flip side to that is to lose that many you have to win alot to get there. By the way Tom Brady has 3 Super Bowl wins but none since 2004 season and has lost twice to the Giants (2007 and 2011)yet no one says anything about Brady needing to win another Super Bowl for his legacy to be secure. To be fair, The Broncos had a great year, they beat the Patriots which was big for Peyton Manning to get pass Tom Brady meant alot for Manning. But to beat the Legion of Boom…both he and the Broncos need to take it up a notch.
Should Elway break the Broncos down and rebuilt this group? No. He does need to resign Moreno the running back and make a few wise moves in the offseason including drafting well but this team is the team that he needs to keep in tack. One game should not undo everything that has been done. But be honest this one was hard to watch and was embarrassing. I didn’t see this coming, if you saw a 43-8 spanking coming in the game, you were among the few. The NFL best Offense vs the NFL’s best defense, you expect a close maybe low scoring game which would have been fine but 43-8…who knew?

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