Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday… Darryl Dawkins aka Chocolate Thunder

Darryl Dawkins

To his critics he was a manchild who only did one thing better than dunking …fouling. To his fans he was Chocolate Thunder from the planet Love Tron (yes he did say that). But to the world at large especially in the NBA he was Darryl Dawkins. For you too young to know Darryl Dawkins he was Shaq Before Shaq. At the time he was only the second player striaght from high school to the pros. So he was raw talented and imposing …6-11 260 and could leap. There was big expectations for a man of his size and talent, many felt he should have better stats than what he did for his career, all of which is true. However it’s hard to post good stats when you are constantly in foul trouble. Dawkins could pick up 3 fouls just getting to the scorer’s table …ok maybe not quite like that but he did get 3 fouls in a matter of moments and then back to the bench. He never played college ball so his skills needed time to develop but there was no mistaking that he was a force to be reckoned with.

Darryl Dawkins was also most noted for his two dunks that shattered backboards as you will see in the video below. Shaq may like to take credit for the NBA making the the backboard harder to shatter but it was Chocolate Thunder …Darryl Dawkins who did it first.

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …salutes Darryl Dawkins aka Chocolate Thunder. Enjoy the video !

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