The not so Smart view of Marcus vs the fan Jeff Orr

Many comments have been tossed out in the media both on the air and in print. Most have been about how Marcus Smart should have known better, or that he will learn from this incident. But few comments have been about the way the fan Jeff Orr himself behaved, or how he baited Smart in the name of throwing the away teams top player off his game to give his home team the Texas Tech Raiders an advantage.This isn’t Orr’s first time causing trouble, nearly 4 years ago he acted up trying to raddle the opposing team the same way. We don’t know what Orr said to Smart but one thing we do know, Orr wasted no time in crossing the line and made it personal. I have been to plenty of sporting events, and if a the player on the team I rooted plays well I cheer if not I boo and that’s it. No nasty words, nothing personal, not your mama this your mama that …it’s not necessary. Not you’re a pile of…or anything racial. Should Smart have shoved the fan …knee jerk reaction no he should not have. But the fan Jeff Orr had no right, no business making unsavory remarks to Smart either, he and his comments were the reason for the shove, since Smart got 3 games suspension, maybe that fan should get 3 games as well. The verbal abuse at games has gotten far out of hand and while everyone pays lip service to yes we need to do something, yes it is gotten to be an issue that is becoming out of control, no one is willing to put the blame more on where it belongs, we the fans. It is the shameful conduct of the paying public that crosses the line more so than the player whether he is a professional athlete like Antonio Davis, or Ron Artest or a college basketball player like Marcus Smart. Antonio Davis when playing for the New York Knicks saw his wife being verbally abused in the stands by fans and took to going in the stands to protect his wife and family. The league took action against Davis, but missed the point as well. Should he have still on the floor and let the security people handle it? Maybe but who among us sees our family being attacked and do nothing? Besides how does someone heckle and verbally abuse someone and not get punished as well? All too often we heap scorn on the player or coach for reacting to the fan’s abuse, but how about for once it goes the other way around maybe for once all the fan or fans out, shine the spotlight on them, put them to shame and make them publicly apologize for their actions, if they are bold enough to spew venom in public then their apology should be just a bold and just as public as well. Sadly this isn’t just confined to sports here in this country, but this is like this around the world at soccer games, hockey games, and other sports. When will we the fans learn how to behave and not cross lines like this? If the fans control themselves and enough the game and not try to be in the game maybe Marcus Smart doesn’t shove Jeff Orr and none of what happened would have happened.

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