The Mess that is the New York Knicks

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This is not a pile on. This is not to kick a dog when he is down entry. I like the Knicks I am a life long Knick fan so to write this isn’t just pile on I hate the Knicks style entry. I really had high hopes for this team coming into this season. They won the Atlantic Division for the first time since Patrick Ewing was traded to Seattle, winning 54 games, they made it out of the first round of the playoffs and at least hung in against the Heat for 5 games before starting their summer vacation. They traded away three players they really didn’t miss or would use to get a 7 footer which couldn’t hurt and they drafted Tim Hardawy Jr. so it was looking decent. It was up to Mike Woodson to make it blend and with Andrea Bargnani he could help create spacing to allow Melo to do what he does best …score and give the Knicks an answer to the Pacers front line in the East. Almost forgot they also picked up Metta World peace to come back home to play for his howntown team. His defense would still be an asset on this team. So I was feeling pretty good about this team. The Nets made splasher news getting jason Kidd to coach them, trading for Paul Pirece, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry and everyone had them better than the Knicks everyone had them challenging the Heat in the East. Everyone except me. My Knicks is still the best team in the city and how does a team that 44 games last season get to be better than a yeam that won …54 games and won the division? I knew the Bargnani move was going to take time to get going, but once they clicked I still liked the Knicks better than the Nets.
Well here we are in February and the Nets are better than the Knicks, Metta World Peace is no longer a Knick, Andreas Bargnani looked and played awful before he got hurt and missed the rest of the season, Mike Woodson didn’t make the moves work, and will likely be gone at the end of the season. Tim Hardway has played well for a rookie and showed that he can be part of the core of this team down the line if management doesn’t do something crazy. Melo is having the season of his life just before free agency, Jason Kidd took the Knicks mojo when he retired and went to Brooklyn to coach the Nets(They haven’t played with the same kind of fluidness that they didn when he was with the Knicks)…J.R. Smith has been a nightmare from start to finish from failing a drug test costing him 5 games to being inconsistent in his play, Iman Shumpert (subject of plenty of trade rumors ) had also been inconsistent all season until he got hurt, Metta never made it into Woodson’s rotation enough to make a difference, and Raymond Felton who seemed to forgot how to play basketball this season, alll of a sudden lost his mind against his wife and pulled a loaded gun on her in a heated argument. You can’t make this stuff up. Now we are told Felton’s arrest won’t be a distraction for the Knicks…really? The Knicks are the distraction or did you get the memo? Everyday it is something different with this team. The players are now said not to respect Woodson and his coaching staff, what a shock… if they were winning you wouldn’t here about how much they don’t respect the coach etc. Losing breeds the welll the coach and the coaching staff are …you get the picture.

One thought on the Felton gun arrest: the Knicks are going to say all the right or PC things to stand by Felton and they are going to continue to play him until. but if this was me coaching the Knicks or running the Knicks, Felton would be shown a seat on the bench until either the matter is resolved in court or until the end of th season. By playing him it sends the message that the coach has no control of the team and that no matter what you do short of killing someone you will still be guarenteed your starting job. Look the season is lost anyway and you are going to be hard pressed to win 30 games at this point so …bite the bullet show Felton a seat and play someone else.

There are going to be changes on this club after the season and Felton was going to be one of those changes anyway. This was an opportunity for Woodson to show some control, some hey I’m not going to reward you for your nonsense statement to Felton instead he said hey Ray you didn’t full the gun here on me so I’ll give you the starting job on Thursday in Miami against the Heat, no problem. By letting Felton to continue to play is basically rewarding bad behavior and if this was a case of the Knicks having a better season and was seriously in the playoff hurt or was fighting for seeding you could maybe see that but for a team that has 21 wins and might not win 30 games after winning 54 games last season, you gain nothing playing Felton,so Mr. Felton (the man with the loaded gun) have a seat on the bench for the rest of the season, I’ll call you when I need you.

Yet that doesn’t seem to look like that will happen, life under Jim Dolan’s big tent is goinig to continue to roll on as the Knicks dillued themselves and anyone listening that they still have a shot at making the playoffs and get in the first round of the playoffs against the Heat. Good Luck with that.
In a season that had the look of promise, turned out to be a nightmare of a season, on that it leaves you wondering what’s next.

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One thought on “The Mess that is the New York Knicks

  1. The key word from the article is “Mess”. They’ll just play out the season, keep Woodson till the end, and then possibly fire him in the off season. The team is in shambles and a disgrace to the organization and the fans. I wouldn’t spend 10 cents to see a game until they put a semi-competitive team on the new Garden floor.

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