Smallthoughts:Rants and Raves

Rants: New York Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson… Let’s get this straight, you don’t have a first baseman, you don’t have a shortstop, your ace is out for all of 2014, you have a question mark behind the plate and you really didn’t up grade your offesne a whole lot other than Granderson and you hope Chris Young and you really think you are going to win 90 games? Terry Collins can’t be please the spot he was put by his GM. This team at best has could win 75 maybe 77 games which means they still are not a 500 team, if you are not a 500 team how do you think you are going to win 90? What are the Mets front office thinking?

Rants: Ron Jaworski… For his harsh comments about Texas A& M quarterback Johnny Manziel: “I’m not crazy about him, to be honest with you,” Jaworski told a Philadelphia station Tuesday. “I’ve only looked at five games. I wouldn’t take him in the first three rounds.”
Ok maybe that wasn’t bad enough …the next comments was harsh …
“He’s a random quarterback who likes to get out of the pocket and make plays with his legs. In the NFL, he won’t last three games playing that style.”
This from a former QB who in the past three years has seen Colin Kapernick, Russell Wilson, and Robert GriffinIII all with similiar styles to Manziel and he doesn’t kill them so what gives Jaws?

Rants:Raymond Felton…the gun toting point guard apparently didn’t get the memo, you can’t bring guns into NYC. After everything that happened to Plaxico Burress for shooting his ownself you would think any athlete especially in New york would make sure that they would not bring a gun into the city…but some people don’t learn.

Raves:Los Angeles Clippers…once a upon a time the Clippers were the team no one wanted to play for, the Clippers were the club other teams dumped their unwanted players on, my have things changed, the drafting of Blake Griffin trading for and resigning Chris Paul, hiring Doc Rivers as coach has players looking to come there …case in point, Danny Granger whoo was traded from the Pacers to the Sixers decided upon being traded to the Sixers that the city of brotherly love wasn’t for him, agreed to sign with the Clippers. That move with help the Clippers against the Spurs and the Thunder out west for the rest of the season.

Raves:Brooklyn Nets …after getting blown out by the TrailBlazers the night before by 44 points the Nets came back against the Nuggets and did alittle blowing out of their own to a 112-89 rout. A strong tongue lashing by head coach Jason Kidd seemed to snap the Nets out of their funk and got the players to refocus on the back end of a back to back.

Raves:The New York Jets …are said to be on the verge of cutting Santonio Holmes their wide receiver. Why is that a good thing? The receiver has been ineffective and missed alot of playing time and when he has played there has been suspicions that he didn’t go all out. That said it’s time for a real upgrade at receiver and this is a big step in that direction.

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