Revis cut by the Bucs signed by the Patriots…Jet fans irked!

To the Jet fan their worse nightmare came true …the best defensive player in their team history has joined forces with the greatest defensive wizard in the NFL right now, Bill Beleichick. Earlier in the day the Tampa Bay Bucaneers release all world cornerback Darrelle Revis one year after acquiring him in a trade from the New York Jets. The Patriots wasted no time in reaching out to Revis and making him a Pat. The boarder war between the Jets and the Pats now has an added twist with the Jets having to face Revis twice this season and not the once when they played against the Bucs on opening day.
Jet fans on twitter have asked if Revis signed for one year why didn’t the Jets make that move?

Simple …Revis had no intention in going back to the Jets. The Jets wanted no parts of Revis again. He would have wanted more from them and they are further away from winning another super bowl than the Pats are so with that in mind it was a no brianer for all involved. That ship has sailed and Revis used the Jets to get other teams in the mix like the Patriots, and it worked. The Pats sign Revis and make the Jets look bad in the process and the fans are now irked. Look there is nothing you can do about the Revis move. The Jerts had their fill of Revis and his contentous conntract talks over the years. Revis took a cut from 16 million to 12 for one reason so that this time next year he gets a deal as a free agent either with the Pats or some other team. All of this was series of events that got this going. Former Bucs coach Greg Schiano gets fired and gets replaced by former Bears coach Lovie Smith whose defense doesn’t allow for the type of coverage that Revis is best suited for so…with Revis due big money the move for the Bucs was to trade or release Revis. No team was going to trade and surrender draft picks for a player that once released all they have to worry about is money so the trade market wasn’t there. Enter the Patriots, they as well as everyone else knew Revis was going to be avail;able and they wasted no time to get to the front of the line on this one.

Are Jets fans upset? Yes but let’s see what the Jets look like after the offseason before feeling that they will be haunted by Revis and the Pats.

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