Calipari to the Lakers? he be crazy not to listen if they speak

Rex Chapman tweeted it was a done deal …Cal is going to LA La land to coach Black mamba and the Lakers. He must know something to tweet that right? Where there’s smoke there’s fire. You don’t put business like that out there unless there is truth to that.
All parties are saying the right things, denials everywhere, the Lakers have made it clear they have not had talks to Calipari and he and his Kentucky people have made it clear he likes Kentucky and as one person said he (Calipari ) looks good in Kentucky Blue. So there. He isn’t leaving Kentucky for Los Angeles, or New York where he was also rumored to go …before Phil Jackson took over as Knick president. The Lakers have to finish the season and…have to at least act like they are going to go through the process of firing current head coach Mike Dantoni (now that might be a done deal) I can’t Dantoni coming back even for the last year of his contract. They need to change over their roster and can’t do it with Dantoni as head coach . Why? because NBA coaches and GM as part of their jobs is recruiters, which Calipari is really good at. He could be just the thing the Lakers need to recruit new talent to the team. As much as Calipari complains of his one and done talent in Kentucky he wouldn’t have such a complaint in LA that’s for sure. He has coached in the NBA before (Nets head coach and Sixers assistant coach) so he knows how the game is played in the NBA. Money isn’t the issue whether he stays or goes. To retsore the luster to the Laker franchise and Laker brand could appeal to Calipari for one reason….EGO. It’s what drives the great ones, it’s why Calipari, Pitino, Jackson Larry Brown are as good as they are and why no matter what they will always be in high demand. Is the timing right for such a move for Calipari?….yes if he wants it. Some of his players are leaving for the NBA anyway and maybe if he leaves he gets to continue coaching them …as Lakers as crazy as it sounds,nothing is forever in sports even winning but …if the Lakers are interested in hiring him as coach ….Calipari be crazy not to listen.

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