Knicks fire Mike Woodson as head coach

Let’s be honest we knew this was coming. Woodson knew it was coming everyone on the coaching staff not named Herb Williams knew it was coming yet it still had to hurt. For a head coach to win 54 games the season before, lead his team to the playoffs, win the division and then the next season not make the playoffs win on 37 games and then lose your job it is a head scratcher. Phil Jackson informed Mike Woodson that he and his entire staff was fired. Yes that includes Herb Williams who managed to always end up on each coaching staff for most of this decade. now Herb Williams is out of a job. The Knicks search for a new head coach begins immediately. Steve Kerr is believed to be the leading canidate for the job.

The players admitted they tuned Woodson out at times,and misunderstood his plays. Tyson Chandler said there probably was some ”disconnect” and ”misunderstanding” at times.

”Coach Woodson put together a game plan for us on the basketball court and there were times we didn’t totally buy into it,” Stoudemire said last week.

Well get ready to buy in fellas or be prepared to be bought out. Jackson won’t stand for lack of buy in. It’s either all in or you’re out.

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