Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda ejected after foreign substance discovered on his neck

He did it again? Yes again. But didn’t he learn from the last time that the RedSox were going to watch him more carefully? Apparently not. That is the reaction to the lastest Pine tar eposode with Michael Pineda.

John Farrell and the Boston Red Sox weren’t going to let Michael Pineda get away with apparently doctoring the ball against them twice. In the second inning of Wednesday’s game against the New York Yankees, Farrell asked umpire Gerry Davis to check Pineda’s neck, which appeared to have a foreign substance — later confirmed as pine tar — slathered on it.

Pineda beat the Red Sox on April 10 with what appeared to be pine tar gobbed on his pitching hand. The Red Sox didn’t complain then. After the game, Pineda said it was only dirt, an explanation that no one really believed but shrugged away anyway. Since the Red Sox didn’t complain, the league didn’t punish Pineda.

This time, things are different. Pineda was swiftly thrown out of the game after Farrell’s inquiry and Davis’ inspection. It was decided he had a foreign substance on his neck. Pineda will now face a suspension and become the new poster boy for this type of thing.

The Yankees as one can imagine are embarrassed by this, the first time you can shug it off, this time not so fast.

Brian Cashman: “This is not something that we are proud to be sitting in. We are certainly embarrassed. We as an org. are responsible”

Michael Pineda had this to say as well: Michael Pineda said he apologized to his teammates. Said he was having trouble controlling ball in 1st inning and didn’t want to hit anyone.”i did it by myself… Yeah it’s pine tar.”

RedSox manager John Farrell was lfet with no choice but to report Pineda to the umpires. Farrell: “Fully respect on a cold night youre trying to get a little bit of a grip, but when its that obvious, something has got to be said”

According to the rules Pineda can face up to 10 games suspension. With the injury to Ivan Nova the Yankees were counting on Pineda to step big and give them quality starts. This further sets them back in the pitching depth.

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