As far as coaching goes…who is Steve Kerr?

steve kerr

As you maybe aware by now Steve Kerr is going to become the next head coach of the Golden State Warriors and not as many of us, myself included, the next headcoach of the New york Knicks. After thinking about it for a minute I began to wonder did the Knicks miss a good opportunity to bring in a quality coach? Did the Warriors make the right hire? The answer to that is we don’t know. Because we don’t know what kind of coach Steve Kerr is going to become. We can guess or project what his hbackground says he might become. He could become the next Gregg Popovich or the next Vinny Del Negro. We don’t know. Who is Steve Kerr for criticis to say the Knicks missed the boat on this hire? He doesn’t have a track record as a coach, he was an analyst and a GM neither of which says you can coach. He ran the triangle offense as a point guard for Phil Jackson when they were with the Bulls. But he also played for Gregg Popovich who stresses ball movement on offense, not the triangle. So what kind of philosophy does Kerr really have? We really don’t know until we actually see it in action, simply because there is nothing there right now to say what he is or isn’t as a coach. It is the same question that was asked about with Mark Jackson when he took the reigns as the Warriors head coach and the same goes for Jason Kidd as Nets head coach. All three have one common thread, they haven’t coached before, so to say how successful they will be would be hard to project. Now they have more upside than say someone like Mike Brown who has been hired and fired three times in the past 4 years. Fair or not we know what kind of coach he is and what he isn’t. But for anyone to state the Knicks are in trouble because they didn’t hire Kerr or blew it when they had the chance to hire him when there were no other jobs at that point would be unfair. The Knicks didn’t want to over pay for someone who hasn’t coached a game yet, they also thought he was the right man for the job like the Warriors. But he wanted to stay home. Good for him. He has a tough act to follow in Mark Jackson. Jackson made them a consistant winner i three seasons, and had the players play hard for him. Let’s see how Kerr handles the players. Let’s find out who Steve Kerr really is as a coach.

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