No Kerr, No coach, where do the Knicks go from here?

It was believed Steve Kerr would be the next coach of the New york Knicks. As it turns out Kerr is the next coach of the Golden State Warriors. The talk about th Warriors having a better roster, and the fact that Kerr didn’t want to move and that it was close to home is fair.The bigger issue is the reports that suggest that Dolan and Anthony had more to do with Kerr staying away from New York is troubling because it shows that Knicks Owner cast a bigger shadow than Phil Jackson. That is a problem, but it is Phil jackson’s problem and he should have known that before he took the Knick job. The best coach for the Knicks is…the Zen Master himself Phil Jackson but since he stated long before he took the job as Head of basketball operations that he no longer had interest in coaching, Jackson is on the prowl looking for his protege’ someone he can mold into …Phil Jackson. Maybe that is something that didn’t appeal to Kerr either. Maybe with the Warriors he gets a chance to be something more that the keeper of the triangle offense. One thing for sure Kerr is going to have to win over the Warrior locker room. That will be no small feat. The players loved playing for Mark Jackson and were not thrilled to see him get fired. Maybe Kerr will be more than Mark jackson , maybe he willbe more loved than Jackson was in his time there, if so good for him. With no coaching experience and no track record to speak of it is hard to see what Kerr will become with someone owning a freshly minted 5 year deal worth 25 million. Alot of money for a no one with experience which is possible why Dolan might have had issues with hiring Kerr in the first place.

But this leads us to the more burning question…where does this leave the Knicks?

One would think Phil Jackson would have had a back plan if the Kerr hiring fell though. And he just might. We don’t know. The names floated about Tyrone Lue, Derek Fisher, Brian Shaw Luke Walton doesn’t give the Knicks sizzle. But at this point is it about buzz sizzle and sexiness or somene that can make the Knicks winners again. Lue has been an assistant, but Fisher who is still playing for the Thunder in the playoffs is has no coaching experience. Shaw is under contract to the Nuggets as their head coach so that isn’t going to come cheap. The Knicks are limited to only those that possibly fit jackaon’s philosphy so that is why Mike Brown, Mike dantoni, John Calipari, Roy Williams, Jeff Van Gundy and Jerry Sloan won’t be coaching the Knicks anytime soon. Dantoni be there done that, Van Gundy didn’t like Jackson from their Bulls – Knick rivalry days and dispies Dolan so don’t expect a Van Gundy Knicks reunion. One name that is has buzz is mark Jackson and don’t rule that out for this reason. He is young and bright and after being dismissed in Golden State will be willing to prove that he could coach a different style. Weknow more about him than Steve Kerr, yet on paper Phil Jackson , Mark jakson pairing doesn’t seem likely. Yes it appears that tha Knicks are in a bad place right now. But are we that much more sure that they would have been in a better place had Steve Kerr decided to coach them instead of Golden State? Eventually Phil Jackson wil find his coach, here’s hoping it is sooner than later.

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3 thoughts on “No Kerr, No coach, where do the Knicks go from here?

    1. According to the New York Daily News Frank Isola the Knicks are waiting until the Thunder are done in the playoffs and talk to Derek Fisher. He fits what Zen Master is looking to do with the Knicks. Mark Jackson would be good PR but not a good fit with Phil Jackson. This also knocks Patrick Ewing out of the running for the job as well.

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