Kevin Love …is he a good player on a bad team or a Great player in the making on a better team??

Kevin Love

Kevin Love has made it clear he is tired of losing in Minnesota, he is tired of being in Minnesota. He is looking to get out either through a trade or walking out all together in 2015 when he is a free agent. So teams throughout the NBA are burning the phone lines to see what offers they can put together to bring the talented big man to their team. So the Celtics are at the top of the list as are the Bulls and yes the Lakers and the Golden State Warriors, there even reports that the New York Knicks are looking for a way to get Kevin Love to New York. This all sounds good and sexy yet the question I keep coming back to is …Kevin Love is he a good player on a bad team or a great player in the making on a better team?

I keep wondering if Kevin Love is so good why doesn’t lift his play and make the Timberwolves better around him? Yes he has good games and yes he has good stats, but his teams has not made the playoffs in each of his years in the league. Say what you will about Carmelo Anthony, but other than this season that just ended for the Knicks, his teams make the playoffs every year, yet many teams would rather have Love than Melo. Explain that one. If it about winning then you have to ask if Love is surrounded with basically the same cast that he has in Minnesota in say Boston then he is going to have good stats on a bad /rebuilding team.

Boston still has to figure out what they are , and figure out what they are going to do with Rondo. If they decide to trade him and their number 1 pick to Minnesota for Love then he is in the same spot as he is now, which in that case he might as well stay where he is and finish out his contract and then be free to pick a winning team like Miami or Indiana or San Antonio or Oklahoma City or yes even the Clippers. All playoff teams all winning teams and in many cases solid organizations like San Antonio and Oklahoma City and Miami.

So if I am Kevin Love I would choose my next move wisely with his current team the Minnesota Timberwolves. Actually the best he could to answer critics who wonder loudly if he is a good player on a bad team is to come in to the season not worrying about his contract or free agency but looking to raise the level of play of his team around him , that way showing that he is a good player that makes others better, and that he is a great player on the rise.

Lebron was in the same situation, he did make the Cavs better just by showing up, carried them all the way to the NBA Finals …let’s see Kevin Love do something even close to that. How about take your team to the playoffs first. Yes I know the west is tough to make the playoffs in but if you are that good …make it happen. For years the Warriors haven’t been close to what they are now yet they in the last 3 years made noise in getting to the playoffs and making their presence felt. It’s time for Kevin Love to raise his level of play to do even that. No winning about how tired he is about losing, now winning about I’m leaving in 2015 get what you can get for me, just raise your level to that elite status and show everyone that you are not just a good player on a bad team.

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