Miguel Olivo bits Dodgers prospect’s ear off…seriously

Miguel Olivo who’s best days as a major league player was with the Florida Marlins. Those days are behind him. He toils in the minor leagues for the Dodgers. After this maybe this should be the end of his career. Olivo in a heated dispute with teammate Alex Guerrero (a Top prospect of the Dodgers)pulled a Mike Tyson and bit the ear off Guerrero.

It is not clear yet whether Guerrero would file a complaint with Salt Lake City police and Olivo, who was sent down the minors last week, has had no comment.

“This is a first for me,” Scott Boras, who represents Guerrero, told the Los Angeles Times.

The long-time agent told the Times Guerrero’s side of the indicent, saying that Olivo, a 35-year-old catcher, was angry after the Isotopes gave up a stolen base and he blamed Guerrero for failing to tag the baserunner. The discussion escalated on the field, when Olivo tried to charge Guerrero during a pitching change and the two exchanged words as they walked off at the end of the inning.

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