Smallthoughts: Now that the NBA Finals are over…

The real games begin…from Miami to New York to Minnesota to Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and even Dallas and Boston…the games behind the games. Let’s make one thing clear no matter what you hear or what you read it is all guess work, because the players, themselves don’t even know what they are going to do next. Let’s start with the most obvious…

Lebron James…he was asked after the finals if he could see himself returning to Miami next season. His answer was…I am not even thinkinig about that right now …eventually I will get with my people and sit down and discuss all of that but now isn’t the time. Good answer. Losing the NBA finals stings especially for a player of LeBron’s magintude. Right away the stories are out there that the Clippers are looking to clear space to bring Lebron to Los Angeles… Chicago is lookiing to have a big three of it’s own and bring Lebron and Carmelo Anthony to team up with …Derrick Rose… Yes the rumors and the stories are amped up raring to go with people claiming to have the inside scoop as to where and who will opt out. The crazy thing is even the teams involoved are not sure who will opt out and who will stay. That includes LeBron James. But for the sake of argument let’s say he does opt out of his contract will he go for the money this time? or will he take less and help the Heat reform the big 3 to include another superstar like Melo or will he decide it’s time to move on. He is the biggest chess piece on the board because based on what he does…it will have a trickle down effect on the other potential free agents on the Heat and on the rest of the league…if he stays in Miami …the line to join him will swell if he decides to leave ….then players like Melo will have to wait and see where he lands and if the team Lebron goes to has cap space for them as well. It’s just a guess but I see Lebron staying in Miami at least for alittle while longer, he left Cleveland because he wanted to win a title that he would not have won if he stayed. Mission Accomplished. Would i be surprised if he left Miami? Depends where he landed, I don’t see him going back to Cleveland but weirder things have happened before.

So where does this leave Carmelo Anthony? His future employer is more tied into to Lebron’s than most. He was in the same draft as Lebron and now will be in the same free gent class as LeBron if they both opt out. Carmelo wants to be shown love money and championship love, something the Knicks can’t do this season. The ironic thing is Carmelo forced his way out of denver to the Knicks especially because he really wanted to play in New York. Now apparently he wants to leave or at least all signs point to that. Unless Phil Jackson can work a deal quickly to upgrade this roster and intice melo into staying a big part of the Knicks offense will be else where next season. Where will Melo go? hard to say …but dallas has been waving dollars in front of free agents for years …(Deron Williams)so maybe Mark Cuban can talk Lebron and Melo in to joining Dirk in a big 3 in Dallas…Let’s see Houston sounds good Melo with Harden and Howard , or if it is about winning and winning only how about Melo go to San Antonio ….Melo a Spur? great thought but don’t see it happenning. Chicago is making big noise and so is Boston as well as the Lakers so it is anyone’s guess where he will end up. Maybe just maybe ….he will fool everyone and take less money stay in new york and see what magic Phil Jackson has up his sleave. No? if you got a better guess …let’s here it.

As for the other members of the big 3 of Miami Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, they could leave or go their impact was made when Lebron decided to come to Miami . Wade has taking a lesser role to Lebron and it has worked to the tune of two titles but does he have enough left in the tank? Has injuries taken it’s toll on Wade? The only way I see him leaving is if Miami kicks him to the curb, he stands to lose more money if he goes elsewhere especially somewhere he isn’t valued the same as he is in the Heat offense. As for Chris Bosh he was a good player on a bad Toronto team. He is a glorified role player and may not get big money else where. I know this sounds crazy but….Bosh a Spur?
Ray Allen is near the end of the line and Shane Battier announced his retirement so Miami is going to need a real bench next season.

The Lakers have cap space and no one wants to play for them …hmmmm again this falls under if Lebron opts out …what if he decides he wants to conquer Los Angeles and take not only LA but the Lakers from Kobe … LeBron, Kobe and Melo….who’s leaving the egi at the door ??? Both Lebron and Kobe have rings Melo doesn’t so…see this is why to speculate at this point is hard to do because there are so many unknowns and so many things that could work in one place and not another.

We haven’t even talked about the Spurs big 3 of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobeli and Tony Parker…
Expect all 3 to be back they have a unique bond and a unique team there is no sense in breaking it up …one more run for the Spurs whether they win next year or not. If the Spurs lose a role player or two expect them to reload and find players that fit what they are doing.

As for all the rest it is a wait and see game …the game within the game.

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