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Baseball’s new Commissioner is…Rob Manfred

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Despite the efforts of Chicago White Sox Owner Jerry Reinsdorf, Rob Manfred is Major League Baseball’s new Commisioner. Reinsdorf tried to stop the appointment of Manfred as Baseball’s commissioner and it appeared that it worked. Orginally Manfred was one vote short of being named Commissioner.The current and soon to be outgoing Commissioner is Bud Selig. With the the vote for Manfred was deadlocked at 22-8 – one shy of election. The owners took a break. Selig spoke with Reinsdorf. Less than 30 minutes later, Manfred was commissioner.

Manfred faces some tough challenges, one to get the Owners to be united especially the ones who didn’t want him as commissioner, the speed and pace of the game is too slow, and the labor contract runs out in 2016 and there are rumblings that the peace that rules baseball from a labor stand point will be tested by the owners vs the players. And the other challange is the age old fight about how to split revenue between the Small Market and Big Market teams.

Manfred is Baseball’s 10th Commissioner.


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