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Smallthoughts:Rants and Raves

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Rants: New York Yankees …for looking to squeeze every ounce of money out of the Derek Jeter retirement tour. Now the Yankees who have more money than any Major league team around, looking to put patches of Jeter out for sale for the final month of the season. Crazy simply, maybe they should try winning more and worrying less about the Derek Jeter farewell tour, Jeter is about winning after all.

Rants:Sid Rosenberg for ripping Eli for not being a elite quarteback and for saying the Giants don’t have a quarteback. This is a case of the sky is falling from the New york Media as usual. Thing is …Sid Rosenberg fancies himself a Giant fan and while I agree that you don’t have to drink the kool aide, to say that the Giants don’t have a quarterback and that he was lucky to win both super bowls is wrong and doing a disservice to Eli Manning’s accomplishments. First new offenses take time to adjust to …Eli has been playing one way one offense for ten years. You don’t just change without there being some type of fallout. New Players, also makes the adjustment either easier or longer. As for Eli being lucky…well maybe once yes but twice? Nah he is a super bowl MVP that’s not luck…that’s skill. By the way Sid those Super Bowl wins came at the expense of the New England Patriots and Tom Brady.

Rants:Houston Astros… for firing their manager Bo Porter on September 1st. What was the rush in firing him now instead of waiting until the end of the season? The team wasn’t going anywhere this season and interim manager basically is just playing out the string because he is most likely not going to be back as manager anyway so what was the rush?

Raves: Cole Hammels, Jake Diekman,Ken Giles,Jonathan Papelbon for a 4 man combined no hitter against the Braves. Yes I know it isn’t your conventional no hitter of one pitcher being dominant against one team but a no hitter is a no hitter no matter how you get it. It goes in the books the same as one pitcher no hitting a team.

Raves:Kansas City Royals…for the second week in a row we are giving kudos to the Royals for being in first Place in the central Division which has a good Cleveland Indians team and a very good Detroit Tiger team. The Royals have streched their lead to a game and a half. Can they continue to win, have a good September and win the division? We will soon find out.

Raves:Dallas Cowboys for signing Michael Sam to pratice squad…Give Jerry Jones credit for making the move. name the last time a 7th round draft pick got this much attention? Now if Jerry Jones can just stop whinning about wanting to draft Johnny Manziel.


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