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Is Ray Rice a Good man Who Made a Bad Mistake?

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Ray Rice and janay Rice

The sports page across the counrty are littered with Ray Rice stories, many denouncing his actions against his now wife, Janay Palmer Rice.He admitted both in private and in public to his actions and he didn’t try to hide it. Everyone connected to this has tried to distance themselevs from Ray Rice and act as if they knew nothing about the video. It is all control control at this point. It raises the question as to out tolerance of domestic violence as a society, it is something that happens way too often in the real world as well as the sports world. Sadly Rice is not the first athelete to run afoul of the Law especially involving women see the following examples:

Steeler’s quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was accused of sexually assaulting women in 2008 and 2010, but was never charged in either case. Following the 2010 allegations, he was suspended for four games.

Running back Larry Johnson was arrested three times for three different assaults on women between 2003 and 2008. In 2003, Johnson was charged with aggravated assault and misdemeanor battery after allegedly brandishing a gun during an argument with a former girlfriend. The charges were dropped after he completed a domestic violence diversion program. In 2008, he was charged in one incident of pushing a woman in a club and in a separate incident that year he allegedly spit his drink at a woman and threatened her boyfriend. He pleaded guilty to both in exchange for two years probation.

During much of that time Johnson continued to play in the NFL while being traded among teams. He no longer plays professionally after having been dropped by the Miami Dolphins in 2011

“I think the public can be very forgiving of a lot of things, but I think the public demands that there is some sort of transparency,” Spiker told ABC News. “I think when an athlete or somebody in the public spotlight is able to do those things, time does allow reentry.”

Legally, Rice is on his way to recovery. Following the Feb. 15 incident where surveillance footage caught him punching his then-finacee, knocking her unconscious and dragging her out of the elevator, Rice entered a pre-trial intervention program on May 1 and has been placed on probation for one year. The couple has since gotten married and he has undergone counseling as a part of those program conditions. Rice has already spoken publicly about his counseling sessions. If he makes it through the year without breaking the conditions of his probation, the charges will be dismissed administratively and he will not have to appear in court again.

“Michael Vick never returned to the lofty levels that he was in the early 2000s,” Maloni said. “He is able to earn a living, but he is not at the level that he was when he was representing the Falcons.”

Rice has been dropped as an endorser by several companies, including Nike and VertiMax, and Spiker thinks that he will have a difficult time winning them back.

“Endorsement deals are going to be really, really tough,” Spiker said. “I can’t imagine the corporate meeting that somebody says ‘Yes, let’s get Ray Rice, he’s the best spokesperson for our product.’ I’m not sure that the business world is going to be able to make that decision.”

The fall out from Rice has been costly to both his earning potential and to his reputation. Back in New Rochelle he is hailed as a hero, now his uniform and pictures from his high school has been removed, the loss of endorsment deals hurts big time, he was cut by the Ravens and the Ravens stopped paying him immediately. All because in a single moment he took beating a woman he claimed to love more than any other woman. By all accounts he had never been in trouble before, and was considered a good person, and could still be a good person except for that moment in time where he completely lost it, lost it to such an extent that it’s hard to see how both his marriage and his reputation can survive this. There is no reason for a man to put his hands on a woman in this manner. One moment in time ….it cost Ray Rice and now he will live with the regret for having done what he should not have done. But is he a good man who made a bad mistake?



  1. J-Dub says:

    The marriage came after the punch, which means there is some sort of dysfunctional dynamic in that relationship no camera is ever going to show us.

    Then there’s’ the whole “never happened before” issue. How many times do you think the average person arrested for DUI drove drunk before they got caught?

    My point is this. Good man or not is an irrelevant question; Rice committed a crime as is paying for it. Is it disproportionate to the other people you mentioned? Yes, but that’s the power of video and a media eager to make a story have as long a life span as possible.

    • bklynboy59 says:

      I appreciate your well said point. The question was raised to get opinions such as yours. I totally agree that I believe this has happened i their relationship before and that this is a dysfuntional relationship. Unfortunately this is a a growing issue in the real world as well as in the sports world. When are we as men going to learn to treat women better than this with no excuses?

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