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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants:Roger Goodell … this hasn’t been a good week nor a good look for the NFL Commish. He should have come clean from the beginning about the video. The coverup becomes worse than the crime and the crime was bad very bad. But if Ray Rice came clean about the video and told Goodell the truth why couldn’t Goodell be truthful himself?
If TMZ had no trouble getting the video how come the NFL a 9 Billion Dollar Business have trouble getting the video from the Casino? Something fishy in the NFL offices for sure.

Rants:Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry … on the heals of the Donald Sterling scandal comes Danny Ferry for racist remarks about Luol Deng. Ferry described Deng as someone who has a little African in him. This didn’t go over well with his bosses who proactively disciplined Ferry who currently still has his job, although Co Owner Michael Gearon recommended Ferry be fired.

Rants: New York Mets Co Owner Jeff Wilpon…for his insensitive remarks about unmarried former team executive having a baby out of wedlock. “From the time Castergine announced her pregnancy in September 2013 . . . Wilpon began to humiliate Castergine and disparage her in front of colleagues,” the suit alleges.
During a discussion about whether the team should accept ads for electronic cigarettes, the Mets scion said he was as opposed to e-cigarette ads in Citi Field “as I am to Leigh having this baby without being married,” according to the suit. Jeff Wilpon has bigger things to worry about other than a team executive having a baby out of wedlock…like how to make the Mets a winner in 2015. If the mets fan base needed another reason to dislike and distrust the Ownership of this team …this is one.

Raves: Los Angeles Angeles …they have a 10 game lead over the Oakland A’s who make a big trade at the trading deadline with Boston. But the Angels got hot and pulled away from the A’s and now the magic number is 7 and counting.

Raves: Baltimore Orioles …be honest how many of you thought the Orioles were going to win the division going away? The same division with the Yankees and RedSox? Now how many of you really thought they were going run away with the division? Well the O’s have a 10 game lead on the Toronto Blue Jays and a 10 1/2 game lead on the Yankees…and the magic Numer is…8

Raves: Kansas City Royals…they are in a tight race with the Tigers with the Royals up by a half game. Who thought this would happen? I sure didn’t but the Royals are playing meaningful games in September for the first time in a long time and this has to be exciting for Royals fans who have waited a long time for this franchise to be good again.


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