The NFL the League that is now out of control…

NFL Logo Once upon a time this was a league that at least had a control on things. Yes there was always players getting in trouble, but nothing like it has become now. Everyday …pick a day there is a new story about players being cited for domestic abuse or in the case of Adrian Peterson…child abuse. Now comes the story that

Arizona Cardinals running backJonathan Dwyer head-butted his wife and broke her nose after she refused his sexual advances, and punched her in the face the next day, police said Thursday. Headbutted your wife? Seriously? are you kidding me? You can’t make this up. This has reached the obsured stage for the NFL. They botched the Ray Rice beat down of his fiance/wife. They lied about getting the tape from the Casino, I suspect that Goodell maybe never saw the tape because someone else intercepted him and said this doesn’t look good you really don’t want to see this… but there is no denying they did receive the tape,who is in the NFL office willing to fall on their sword for Goodell? At this point women groups are calling for his head and that is on the Ray Rice incident alone. Then the Adrian Peterson spanking his son with a switch and the comments by Charles Barkley as if he is an voice of reason for the NFL not the NBA but the NFL in a league he never played in… The League’s biggest sponsor  Anheuser-Busch has made it clear that they are watching the NFL handling of these recent events. If they pull out of sponsorship of the NFL …a chain reaction of other sponsors could also drop their association with the NFL. Could you imagine how much that could alter things for the NFL ? A 9 Billion dollar business could be in serious trouble going forward. Again normally the NFL has a better handle on things, but this seems to have caught the NFL completely off guard right down to how they handle the public relations on this. Goodell hasn’t stood to the plate publicly and chose to hide and cancel appearences around the league. That is poor leadership, your league is under siege you don’t run and hide. You stand up to the mike and simply say…the NFL has a zero tolarence policy on domestic and child abuse or anything criminal involving the players in this league. End of discussion, Zero Tolerance. Once you say that …it puts it where it belongs back on the players to behave or you will be bounced out of the league.

 Bud Selig  isn’t close to being the Commissioner that Goodell has been and he knows better than to run and hide. His answers at times were ….mind numbing but he did manage to act on the biogenesis scandal. But Goodell pushing players to the mic and bullies them to say …I’m Sorry… but now that he looks bad for his handling of the Ray Rice domestic abuse and he hides. The NFL is and I repeat …a 9 billion Dollar business… I can’t wrap my head around that number, they have to have a better handle on things both in private and in the public eye. If they don’t get it together quick the NFL will have a new commissioner and a new set of rules and will be trying to win back sponsors….the NFL…Not For long.

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