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Everyone missed the point about Roger Goodell and the Ray Rice fiasco

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The media can call for Roger Goodell’s head all they want, Bill Simmons can rant and call Goodell a liar, but there are a couple of facts that are missed by everyone. Roger Goodell isn’t going anyway anytime soon as Commissioner. The Owners like him, why? because he makes them money. They are not losing money and despite the huffing and puffing by the sponsors, they aren’t going anywhere either. Both parties, the NFL and their business Sponsors have had a long and bountiful partnership and there is no real reason to end it. Did Goodell botch the Ray Rice fiasco? Yes he did. And Friday’s press conference was much to do about nothing. It bascially wwas we are going to put together a committe to advice the league on how to proceed and we’ll see you at the Super bowl in 6 months and we’ll talk about it then…maybe. That’s what you got, basically on Friday and he sounded like a man who was under the gun and just wanted to get the media off his back. This was the first time he has come under fire, and you saw what came to the surface…damage control. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t nice but he finally showed his face.But all of this leads to my main point…all the media rants are aimed at the wrong man here, Goodell only reacted to what someone else did and that someone else is Ray Rice. It was Ray Rice who gave his now wife a horriffic beat down, it was Ray Rice who did this in public on a video who even though he was hit by his then fiance’ lost control of himself and did the unthinkable. Yes he fessed up to it and need he should. But the fact remains no man show ever put his hands on a woman ….PERIOD. I don’t care if it is Ray Rice or the neighbor who lives next to you or your boyfriend or a your son or your daughter’s boyfriend…no man has the right and should not ever put his hands on a woman. The Ray Rice fiacso just highlighted what has been going on in private in many homes to many women regardless of race, religion, and wealth or lack there of.

If Bill Simmons really wants to rant then rant about that, scream about how Ray Rice did something so vile to a woman he claims to love more than any other woman. Bill Simmons is doing what everyone does when something gets alot of attention …pile on. Problem is everyone has been piling on the wrong man…Roger Goodell didn’t hit and knock out Janay Rice on video and drag her out the elevator…Ray Rice did. Everyone acts like Ray Rice did something wonderful by admitting to Roger Goodell what he did, he was suppose to …they had it on tape and in public for all to see. It would be hard for anyone to deny what he did, yet to rant and go ballistic on Goodell is to miss the point completely. If Goodell wanted to come out of this like he was regaining control of a 9 billion dollar business all he had to say was…The NFL will enforce a zero tolerance policy against domestic violence, if it is true that you viloted this policy you will be kick out of the league. It is a privledge to play in the NFL not a right. Say that act on that and then the media rants go away. But even deeper stop making excuses like well it’s a violent sport they play and it is hard to turn it off…baloney… it’s called having self control. Knowing when you are at work, you work or inthey case they play , hit and get hit, but in the real world you don’t settle arguements with your wife or any woman with your hands or fists. Sorry, no sympathy for you on that.

Arguing about whether or not the Ravens knew about the tape or when the Commisioner knew about the tape or if Goodell is lying about knowing about the tape makes no difference because none of this would even be a discussion without Ray Rice putting his hands on a woman he claims to love.



  1. J-Dub says:

    Great stuff. The whole issues about “who knew what when” is all a bunch of posturing, because the ugly truth is that before Ray Rice, nobody cared about domestic violence in the NFL., That’s why Goodell only handed down a two-game suspension, and nobody in the media said a thing about it. Had it not been for social media, then the video tape, Ray Rice would be on the field right now.

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