Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: NFL… for penalizing Husain Abdullah for knelling down to pray after scoring a touchdown in the Chiefs 45-14 win over the New England Patriots. The NFl to it’s credit tried to correct the problem by issuing a statement through NFL spokesman Michael Signora who told USA Today’s Tom Pelissero that religious expression is not included in that rule.

“Husain Abdullah should not have been penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct following his fourth quarter touchdown,” Signora said in an email to USA Today. It is noted that Christian players for many years have gone to the ground to pray after touchdowns, even after the NFL passed its rule outlawing players going to the ground during touchdown celebrations. Very few of those prayers were penalized, so it was strange when a Muslim player was penalized.

Rants:Scott Boras…who believes Stephen Drew is the best defensive shortstop in freeagency…“I would say clubs would spend a good deal of time focusing on his career offensive statistics as opposed to a couple of hundred at-bats,” Boras told the New York Post on Tuesday. “Defensively, he is still elite and a lot of teams will have interest in him as a shortstop.” This is the same Stephen drew who sat out the first two months of the baseball season waiting for a offer only to resign with the RedSox for 10 million 4 million less than what they offered before he became a free agent. Let’s hope that both Drew and Boras learned their lesson from the last time they went the free agent route.

Rants:Michigan for for keeping quarterback Shane Morris in the game after he was clearly struggling with an array of injuries.
The win at all cost mentality has not sat well with the fans of the Michigan Wolverines as 1000 students marched to the home of Michigan University President Mark Schlissel on Tuesday evening to protest athletic director Dave Brandon and coach Brady Hoke. Calling for the dismissal of both things have gotten ugly on campus. Was it worth ruining a young m,an’s health to win a game?

Raves: Jordan Zimmerman for his no hitter vs the Miami Marlins. “I just stuck to my game plan. Same thing I’ve been doing all year, just attack and try to get first-pitch strikes.” -Jordan Zimmermann on no-hitter vs Marlins. Afterwards, his goal was to survive the post no-hitter celebration which saw his teammates shower him with Gatorade and chase him around the field all the while playfully pummeling him.

“Try not to break a rib,” Zimmermann joked. “It was awesome. I was just all smiles and those guys have been playing great behind me all year and to end it like this, it’s special.”

Raves:Kansas City Royals for winning the Wild card Game vs the Oakland A’s. Now they have the bigger task for facing the Los Angeles Angeles and Mike Trout. This is a big step up for the Royals but after 29 yeras of awful baseball and not making the playoffs this is something they rather experince to be sure.

Raves:San Francisco Giants for winning their Wild card Game vs the Pittsburgh Pirates 8-0. While the Royals went extra innings to pull off their win the Giants had this one in the bag by the middle innings. Next up for the Giants …the Washington Nationals in the NLDS.

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