The 3 Ring mess that is the New york Jets

Geno vs Pats
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I might have been one of the few that actually believed the Jets would finish with a winning record this season at 9-7. Yes I believed that I thought they could steal a game early on like the Bears game in addition to the beating the Raiders and possibly split with the Patriots and they would have a shot at finisnhing 9-7…My friend Jon wasn’t as optimistic as me and worried that they would bottom out early…well Jon looks like you were right about this season. But what is more telling is that they are a group that is out of control. You have a General manager that ignored filling his needs in the secondary and didn’t even bother to look at the team’s schedule, if he did he might have made a better offer and signed Dominique Rodgers Cromartie and would have retained Antonio Cromartie as well. He has a coach who is on a one year deal and has to win to keep his job, and then he doesn’t give him support for the secondary. Having 24 million dollars in your pockets isn’t helping your team if week after week they are getting beat down field.

The coach apparently doesn’t have a feel of the offense and in his time with the Jets has no desire to learn it offer input or act like anything other than a glorified defensive coordinator.
The coach is losing his team especially if the story of Geno Smith missing saturday’s meeting is true, then why did Geno Starton Sunday? That is s ure fire way to lose crediability with your team when players miss class time or practice time and then start anyway on Sunday. Geno was not a first round pick for a reason, he wasn’t a top 5 pick for a reason and if the jets didn’t select him when they did he would have been a late second early third pick for a reason, yet they treat him like he is the number 1 pick in the draft. He should have been given a clipboard and told to watch and take notes and then start Vick. Who by the way looked as unprepared to play in this game as ever.

The coach is trying to win to keep his job , tHis boss the general manager, John Idzik, sabotaged his coach Rex Ryan with no secondary while going up against the gauntlet of quarterbacks Rodgers, Cutler,Rivers, Manning( Peyton) and Brady, gee thanks boss.
By the way why did the Jets bromg Michael Vick in of they aren’t going to play him? Haven’t we seen this act before with Tim Tebow? Bring a guy in and you say how you are going to use him then don’t for a long time then …ok Vick you’re in and expect him to play well? Seriously?
Listen I am all for stability in my teams but only when they are heading in a winning direction which this isn’t. They are headinig for south of 500 and most likely staying there. Geno is Idzik’s choice he picked Geno, Ryan he wants gone so he can make his coach hire his and not be forced Ryan down his throat. This roster is his Geno, Vick and secondary, the not bringing back Darrelle Revis or signing Rodgers Cromartie that is all on Idzik. Ryan the class clown, is trying to make light of a bad situation but it will cost him his job. And the ring master of this whole circus is the one person I haven’t mentioned yet…Woody Johnson.

The one reason Rex Ryan is still here after 3 non playoff seasons is Woody Johnson likes him why? I don’t know. But it was there to cut ties with Ryan and yet he brought Rex back for one more season. What choice will Woody have should the Jets stick to the script of this season and finish out of the playoffs again? Woody should have cleabned house when he had the chance, when Mike Tannebaum was let go Rex should have been gone to followed by Mark Sanchez then start with a clean slate of General Manager, coach and quarterback instead Woody got rid of Tannebaum keep the coach and made the New GM keep the coach and toss the QB( Sanchez). So now you have a disfuntional foundation, that you have to burn this season to correct in the next offseason. I didn’t think that when the Jets won the Super Bowl in 1969 that they would not be back in the SuperBowl again. At this rate the Rangers will win another Stanley Cup, The Knicks will win a NBA title and the Mets will win the World SEries sooner than the Jets will make the Super Bowl let alone win it.

It’s always something with this franchise, whether it is AJ Duhe intercepting Richard Todd twice in the AFC Championship game in 1982 or it’s Dan Marino and the fake spike or Rich Kottie and his weekly say the same thing over and over after every loss on the way to a 1-15 season there is always something now Geno Smith missed a meeting on saturday to go to the movies and then didn’t know what movie he went to see or where he went to see it at…The mess that is the Jets … you can’t make this stuff up.

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4 thoughts on “The 3 Ring mess that is the New york Jets

  1. Besides not being able to put a talented team on the field ( they have 3 able-bodied RBs but no WRs to scare an opponent) Rex Ryan, now in his sixth season with the club, owns a 43-42 record. Clearly a change is needed…

    1. a change in culture big time!!! When Mangini was here it was button down …too button down . So rex lososen things up too the other extreme. Now we need a mix of both to balance things out. I can’t figure out how someteams always manage to get great offensive coordinators yet the Jets always seem to get these off beat what kind of call was that O.C.s…Paul Hackett was the worse but the rest was nothing to write home about and now Morningweg…another in a long line of what kind of call was that ???

      1. Sorry Jerry, I’ve had the fantasy baseball playoffs, football of course, and now am in preparation for the upcoming basketball season. Been overwhelmed.

        I read them all as they arrive in my email box but sometimes, like recently, just can’t find the time to respond as often as I would like to.

        Kepp up the outstanding work though. I still enjoy the read!

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