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Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Marshall Faulk

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Faulk was traded from the Indianapolis Colts to St. Louis in 1999, he was the second overall pick in the 1994 draft. Faulk had been an elite player in Indianapolis, but in St. Louis he put up some of the best all-purpose numbers in the history of the NFL. Indianapolis finished 13-3 but were knocked off in the first round, while the Rams eventually went on to win Super Bowl XXXIV.

It was a storybook season. Faulk’s patience and diligence in learning the Rams offense paid off when he totaled 2,429 yards from scrimmage, eclipsing Barry Sanders’ 2,358 yards set in 1997. With 1,381 yards rushing (a superb 5.5 yards-per-carry average) and 1,048 receiving yards, Faulk joined Roger Craig as the only men to total 1,000+ yards in each category in a season. For all this effort and success, he was named Offensive Player of the Year and starter for the NFC squad in the 2000 Pro Bowl.

Faulk was the MVP in 2000, and again the Offensive Player of the Year. He had 1,359 yards rushing in 14 games and set a new NFL record with 26 total TDs, a record that would soon be broken by Priest Holmes, then by Shaun Alexander, and later LaDainian Tomlinson in 2006 (although it should be noted Faulk missed 2 games in 2000). Faulk had 18 scores on the ground, setting a new franchise record, and 8 through the air. He also averaged 5+ yards per carry again, this time with 5.4.

From 1999 to 2001 Marshall Faulk had what may have been the best consecutive seasons in league history. In that span, he scored 59 total TD’s, rang up 6,765 total yards of offense (4,122 rushing and 2,643 receiving) and won the Most Valuable Player award and three Offensive Player of the Year awards. He was also named All-NFC, ALL-NFL, and selected for the Pro Bowl in each of those years.

Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday salutes …Marshall Faulk.

Career history
Career highlights and awards
Career NFL statistics
Games played 176
Games started 156
Rushing yards 12,280
Rushing average 4.3
Touchdowns 136

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