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The Jets land Harvin…why so cheap?

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HarvinHarvin the VikingsHarvin the SeahawkThe New York Jets and the Seattle Seahawks dropped a bombshell …an in season bombshell when the Seahawks traded the talented but troubled receiver to the New York Jets for conditional picks. The Jets in need of an offensive playmaker, made the deal despite the fact that their GM John Idzik used to work for Seattle. Seattle wanted in the worse way to rid themselves of a troubled player that reported fought with Golden Tate. This trade marks Harvin’s third team since he was drafted in 2009. The Jets were just as desperate, they just played their best game of the season against their hated rivals the New England Patriots and still lost 27-25. Idzik has been under fire all season for not doing anything to upgrade the secondary. He did get Eric Decker but Decker can’t do it alone. Finally the Jets get a player that when motivated will stretch the field, that will make teams fear kick off returns and otherwise show some respect for the Jets offense. The Jets get a player who doesn’t get along with his teammates and his offensive coordinator could not find a way to make him work without slighting the other players on the team. This is now Marty Morningwegh’s problem now. Someone speculated that this is the Santonio Holmes deal allover again, and we know how that worked out. The difference is Harvin is only 26 and still has alot left in the tank and is an explosive threat running the football, catching as a receiver and returning punts. And he has speed…speed you can’t teach. Speed that the Jets haven’t had since…maybe Wesley Walker. Yes that kind of break away speed. That fact that the Jets got him so cheap was amazing. Seattle wanted to get Harvin as far away from them as possible and sending him east to New York was as far as it gets that’s for sure. It was move that was too late to save their season. The Jets are not going to run the table and win all the rest of their games but they will be interesting to watch the rest of the season and the storties about Harvin not getting along with everyone in Seattle is already starting. Harvin and the Jets need each other, for Harvin it’s about redemption, for the Jets its about building something now and going forward. Now that Idzik got one of his guys…now Idzik will look to get his new head coach next…at the end of the season.

The circus that is the Jets and the troubled player that will make Rex Ryan’s days and nights interesting…yep they are made for each other.


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