Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves


Rants: Medi Abalimba… was arrested and will now begin a 4 year termin jail for posing as Chelsea Player Gael Kakuta. He ran up a small fortune while claiming to be Kakuta. He got out of paying a tab of champagne by claiming :I left my wallet in my limo”. Here is the rub they look nothing alike…click on the link below see what I am talking about.


Rants: University Of North Carolina …An academic scandal involving bogus classes and inflated grades is threatening to undo the Tar Heel program from the football team to the basketball team as well as school officials careers.

At least nine university employees were fired or under disciplinary review, and the question now becomes what, if anything, the NCAA will do next. Penalties could range from fewer scholarships to vacated wins.

Most of the athletes involved were football players or members of the school’s cherished basketball program, which won three of its five national titles during the scandal (1993, 2005, 2009).

Athletic director Bubba Cunningham wouldn’t speculate on any possible sanctions.

”We’ll work with the NCAA and work through the report with them as part of our ongoing investigation,” Cunningham said. ”That’s going to take some time.”

This is huge. This could impact the legacy of current head coach Roy Williams and some in the media have speculated that this could impact the legacy of Dean Smith. Let’s understand something, it has to be proven that theses coaches knew what was going on and aided in such a scandalous way. No doubt this will coast more people their jobs, their careers and athletes their reputations. Until all the facts are out on this one …we’ll hold back on making a judgment on this.

Rants: Steve Nash…if according to published reports are true we may have seen the last of the 2 time NBA MVP. Nash will miss the entire season with ongoing nerve damage in his back.  According to the published report :The two-time MVP has said repeatedly that he has no interest in moving his family away from Los Angeles in order to join another team, so barring an unexpected contract offer from the Lakers or Los Angeles Clippers next season, Steve Nash will effectively retire after this diagnosis.

It’s an incredibly unfortunate end to a career that, as recently as 24 months ago, seemed to be aging better than most other players in NBA history. Nash played All-Star level ball in his final year with the Phoenix Suns in 2011-12, leading the NBA in assist percentage and working in 62 of that season’s 66 games. The Lakers were all too giddy to send a pair of first-round draft picks Phoenix’s way for the right to sign Nash to a three-year, nearly $28 million contract during that offseason, teaming Nash with Bryant and eventually All-Star center Dwight Howard in the Laker lineup.

Things fell apart almost immediately, as Nash fractured his left leg in Los Angeles’ second game of the season, and his subsequent rush to return from that injury resulted in the back, neck and nerve pain that limited his 2012-13 run, and benched him for nearly all of the next season. With nearly a year and a half’s worth of rehab to his credit including the lost 2013-14 season, Nash seemed prime to give it one last go this year, and give his career a proper, if lottery-bound, send off.

How sad if Steve Nash career ends like this.


Raves: Kansas City Royals…My father once told me, it’s not how you fallen, it’s how you get back up, well Kansas City got knocked down in game 1 of the World Series getting spanked 7-1, their first post season loss this year. They got back up in a 7-2 win against the Giants that showed the Royals have a lot more fight even when things didn’t go their way. Nice job KC.


Raves: Peyton Manning…he now holds the record of the most touchdown passes for a career 512??? and counting. To be honest Peyton didn’t need to break the record to validate his career. His career which was long already Hall of Fame bound will be defined by his ability to make others around him better, he makes a decent offensive team a great offensive team just by his sheer presence. Peyton is an all time great. What a way to have a career.


Raves: New York Mets…for hiring former Yankee hitting coach Kevin Long. Usually the Mets avoid anything having to do with the Yankees like the plague, but in this case they upgraded. How much you want to bet Curtis Granderson was thrilled to hear Long will be his hitting coach, now that the Mets have a coach , how about getting some hitters?

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