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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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After a week of a well earned vacation …Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves is back on it’s regular Friday schedule.

Rants: JR Smith…suspended for one game for…a shot to the groin of Glen Rice Jr. This isn’t the first time Smith has gotten in trouble last season a failed drug test got him suspended for 5 games, untied sneakers on opponents all part of an unfocused JR Smith.How long do you think it will be before Smith will be traded and wearing another uniform?

Rants: Alex Rodriquez…ah yes our old friend ARod is finally …coming clean. Only after having nothing else to lose and being giving a free pass by the government against Tony Bosch is ARod admitting to PED use. After years of lying to the public and to himself he finally says what we all knew that he did do PEDS before he was a Yankee and after he was a Yankee. His career is all but done and his legacy that he was so worried about is completely in shambles. Was it worth it ARod?

Rants: New York Jets…hate to say it jet fans this team is looking at 1-15, 2-14 season with Rex Ryan getting canned and John Idzik not far behind. I hav to admit I didn’t see this team being 1-8 at this point of the season but Geno has no future here and Vick looks disinterested in playing football period. How else do you explain his comments recently that he wasn’t prepare to play?

Raves: Juan LaGares …Mets Centerfielder won his first Gold Glove award for his outstanding play in the field. Nice job Juan. He is the first Met since David Wright and Carlos Beltran to win the award

Raves: San Francisco Giants for winning their 3rd world championship in the past 5 years. Does this mean they are a dynasty though?

Raves:Brian Hoyer: He is taking full advantage of his walk year by having a career year. By doing so he has the Cleveland Browns in a corner , the longer he plays well the longer Johnny Manziel sits and sits. Then he also pushes Cleveland into a diliema, do they pay him at the end of the year and further push back Johnny Manziel or do they say thanks for the good year and let him walk and start the Manziel era? Either way a bad team with a need at Quarterback will be looking to pay Hoyer plenty.


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