Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants:Adrian Peterson…this is a different time and place when it comes to child discipline. You don’t have to like it and yes maybe you were raised with tough physical discipline, but you in this day and age discipline your kids like you were back in the day. That is the message to Adrian Peterson and to all parents in the 21st century.The problem according to what Roger Goodell’s statement to Peterson was that he didn’t show meaningful remorse. Hard to go against what you were always taught. Doesn’t mean that you can’t change. In this case Peterson is going to have the rest of the season to think about how to change up his discipline on his son.

Rants: Roger Goodell…He hasn’t had an easy year with off the field matters especially those dealing with domestic violence issues.(Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson). Yet as he was handing down his decision on Adrian Peterson for the rest of the season, he came across as the Emperor, know all, Me Emperor I know your intentions I know what’s in your heart…It’s one thing to give punishment based on conduct code it is quite another when you think one player isn’t meaningfully remorseful. How can you know what is in a person’s heart? Is Goodell the Commissioner or the Emperor?

Rants:Dwight Howard...It seems he is also under the same microscope as Adrian Peterson, for physically whipping his son. Allegedly this charge was made by his ex girlfriend, which there is a thought that this is a missive in a custody case battle. In either case this doesn’t look good especially in light of what happened to Adrian Peterson.

Raves: Jason Heyward...Most players when traded take shots on the way out the door. Heyward show his class by doing the complete opposite. In a trade that many didn’t see coming  Heyward was traded to the St Louis Cardinals for Shelby  Miller.


Braves fans, coaches, teammates, #BravesCountry
While it may not have worked out long term I’m very blessed to have played at HOME for the same Organization I was invested in as kid growing up in McDonough, Ga. Played for The Great Bobby Cox, said farewell to a first ballot Hall Of Famer Chipper Jones after an unbelievable career. I made many great friends and became as close as family with most. Thank you for that. Thank you for applauding my effort and passion for the game of baseball. Thank you for acknowledging my love for rockin The “A” on my work hat. Been a pleasure to have called HOME my workplace. As we part ways know that the memories will be carried with me for the rest. Reaching out to say that I won’t forget where I’m from and you’ll always see me playing the game I love with passion and heart. Knowing and appreciating the fact I had the pleasure of creating heartfelt memories with so many people the past 5 years. Thank you again for your heart, thank you for the motivation and excitement.


Nice touch, classy move.

Raves: Russell Martin …a few years ago, the Yankees who never shy away from spending money, decided not to offer Martin a 2 year deal. So he signed with the Pirates for 2 years. Now a free agent and the yankees in need of a cather again doesn’t make a offer to Martin …so he gets a 5 year deal from the Toronto Blues Jays, so now the Yankees get to see Martin over and over again. This should be interesting.

Raves: Arizona Cardinals...ok be honest  how many thought that the Cardinals would be 9-1 after losing Carlson Palmer for the season and be in the same division as the 49ers and the Seahawks? Yeah I thought so.

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