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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants: Baltimore Orioles…Buck Showalter can’t be happy losing both Nelson Cruz and  Nick Markakis in the same week via free agency. Where is the Orioles power coming from now that both are gone?

Rants: Geno Smith … I tried hard to cut the kid slack since he arrived in New York but …he clearly isn’t the answer at the QB position for the Jets and he hasn’t improved from last year. Michael Vick is his back up and looks like he doesn’t want to be in New York and doesn’t look like he wants to play football any more, so Geno is the starter by default…for now.

Rants:49ers…what organization lets it be known that they are looking to “trade their coach”? Apparently the 49ers are not only looking to get rid of Jim Harbaugh, but they are trying to dictate where he goes.

Raves:Martin Brodeur… It looks weird to see Brodeur wearing anything but a Devils uniform but say one thing for the hall of fame to be Goaltender at least he going out on his terms. He has earned that right.

Raves: Dallas Cowboys…It’s not often the Cowboys are mentioned in this space especially this late in the year but… don’t look now they are 9-4  6-0 on the road and are keeping pace with the Eagles for the division lead. Is this the year the Cowboys finish the season strong and make a sure push heading into the playoffs?  With 3 games left to play, the answers will become clearer in the weeks left.

Raves:GreenBay Packers… In a match up that could be a preview to  the Super Bowl the Packers beat the New England Patriots 26 -21 in Lambeau  Field on Sunday in a close hotly contested game.  The Patriots had to leave there feeling that they got beat by the better team this time as opposed to the other loses suffered this season. The Packers are the equal to the Patriots especially on Offense where Rodgers is on top of his game. If these two meet in the Super Bowl it will be a most interesting matchup with brady and Belichick having two weeks to prepare for Rodgers and company.


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