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David Robertson agrees to four-year, $46-million deal with White Sox

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David RobertsonThe New York Yankees will now open the 2015 season with their third Closer in 3 years as David Robertson signed with the Chicago White Sox.

Robertson, who went 39-for-44 in saves and struck out 96 in 641/3 innings last season as Mariano Rivera’s replacement, agreed to a four-year, $46-million deal with the White Sox late Monday night, a contract first reported by USA Today.

The Yankees were willing to discuss the possibility of a four-year deal with the 29-year-old Robertson, but ultimately not at the kind of dollars the White Sox were willing to give.

Robertson’s departure leaves the Yankees, who signed the lefthanded Miller to a four-year, $36-million deal last Friday, in the market for additional bullpen help. General manager Brian Cashman, who arrived here for the winter meetings Monday afternoon, already had been working the trade and free-agent markets for late-inning bullpen help in the event Robertson left, efforts that no doubt will be redoubled in the coming days and weeks.

In the short term, I think this move hurt the Yankees more than most see because you knew what you were getting with Robertson. Andrew Miller, Dellin Betances, have never been regular closers. It wasn’t like Robertson was old he is only 30. Also this move has a disturbing pattern with the Yankees with their homegrown talent. In recent years Jeter and Cashman had words and Cashman told him go get a deal better than this, Robinson Cano left for Seattle and now Robertson left for Chicago. It is apparent the Yankees don’t value their own homegrown talent in their free agents like they do other teams free agents.



  1. I think the signing of Andrew Miller made Robertson expendable. Sad because as you know the Yankees haven’t been able to find a 2nd baseman since Cano left. At least within let who has closing experience and Betances who can plum throw they have options.

    • bklynboy59 says:

      The Miller signing is a trend that started with George Steinbrenner if a homegrown Yankee gets to free agency they don’t get treated like the free agents the yankees sign from other teams. bernie Williams almost let because of it Jeter almost left Cano did leave and now Robertson

  2. Typo alert: should read “At least Miller has closing experience.”

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