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It’s Johnny Football time in Cleveland

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You knew it was coming, it just was a question of when… In the words of Browns head coach Mike Pettine ”We are trying to get the offense to perform at a higher level,” he said. ”Johnny has worked very hard to earn this opportunity and it will be very important for every member of the offense to elevate their play for us to obtain our desired result.” With that Johnny Football starts against the Bengals this Sunday.”I’ve tried to spend my entire season learning what it takes to become a pro and it’s been great to watch Brian because he knows what it takes,” Manziel said. ”I’ve prepared every week to be ready to help the team however possible and my focus has been on improving every day.” With Hoyer’s performance under fire the past few weeks the move to Manziel was expected. Some expected the move sooner.  So now Manziel will have to be ready to step up and lead the Browns to the playoffs. As for Hoyer his days in Cleveland appear over.”Although I am disappointed by coach’s decision, I respect him and his choice and will be there to support Johnny,” Hoyer said. ”As always, I will do whatever I can to help this team win.”

In either case we are finally going to see if Johnny Manziel is worth all the hype.


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