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Losing brings out the fight in the Knicks

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It didn’t take long for the losing to turn to finger pointing, the players hate the triangle, they don’tbelieve in it and they rather play they way they been playing…selfish isolation basketball . They point out the obvious that Carmelo Anthony  is the black hole of the offense when it comes to ball movement. But everyone knows he is one of the few players on the roster that gets his own shot . He is paid the big bucks to produces big results. So far not so good. Now there are published reports of that Tim Hardaway Jr and Carmelo don’t get along. none of this is going to help the Knicks recruit free agents this upcoming summer. By the way memo to Melo stop talking about how close you came to signing with the Bulls, if that is where you really wanted to be then you should have signed there, instead you chose to sign here so get your head in the game, get your head in the triangle and make the changes to make this work.  You’re the star of the team , time to lead the team in winning. You know winning, you did win a national title in college at Syracuse, so it shouldn’t be that foreign concept to you. If Phil Jackson really thinks he can turn this around he better get to work and fast. This season as early as it is, will be coming late soon if things don’t get changed. This group don’t respond by you calling them losers or saying they have a losing mentality. They respond by change, a J.R. Smith change, a Amare Stoudemire change a Andrea Bargnani and quick. This for all intent and purposes is a throw away season with the aim for 2015. But in order to be players to sign major free agents you have to give them something that makes them think they can win here. The Nets by contrast have let be known they are willing to move any and everyone to get cap relief. The Knicks need to do the same. If you are going to be awful be awful all the way. The sooner Jackson starts making moves the less likely Dolan will get involved. Looking to trade Iman Shumpert or Tim Hardaway Jr. makes the Knicks older slower and even less appealing than they are and that is saying a lot. But that’s what happens when you are 4-20 with a rookie head coach who sports a different lineup every night. The question is that now that the Knicks have hit bottom can they be fixed? Phil Jackson was given the 60 million dollars of James Dolan’s money to do just that so it seems as if he better get to fixing this mess.


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