Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: Chicago Bears …Hey Jet fans if you think your team is dysfunctional let me introduce you to the Chicago Bears. First in the off season they signed their Quarterback Jay Cutler to a 7 year- 126 million dollar contract and an assistant coach leaked to the media how unhappy he was about Cutler’s play this season, so now 14 games into the season Cutler is benched for Jimmy Clausen who won all of one game (1-9) for when he started in Carolina in 2010. Guess the Jets won’t be the only team looking for a new coach and new quarterback in 2015.

Rants: Woody Johnson …At First I thought Woody was going to do the right thing and fire both Ryan and John Idzik, now there is stories circulating that he is considering making Idzik head of the headcoaching search once Rex Ryan has been fired at the end of the season. The franchise is already set back with the poor play of the quarterback and now they will have to draft another quarterback , they have no secondary and they are lacking in other areas on both sides of the ball. 3-13 isn’t what another expected from this group after signing Eric Decker, Chris Johnson and Michael Vick. It looked like they upgraded with those signings yet Idzik did nothing to up grade his secondary when Revis was available and Dominique Rodgers Cromartie was there for the taking as well. Bringing back Idzik is a mistake why because once he hires a coach and say it doesn’t work you have to fire both the coach and GM. Then you’re back to where you are now. Do the right thing Woody.

Rants: Jay Gruden …is it something in the water in D.C.? Shanahan did and said everything to get himself fired and did. Gruden is killing his quarterback every chance he gets and then has to go back to the quarterback he  has bad mouthed and rely on him to win games for the final two weeks of the season. Makes no sense what so ever. Unless he is ready for a big fight with Daniel Synder.

Raves: San Diego Padres... give them credit they were the  worse offensive team in the National League last season. So they went and did something about it they added Wil Myers, Matt Kemp,and now Justin Upton. Rumor has it they are also in talks with the Boston RedSox for Wil Middlebrooks. Will these make them contenders who knows but they should more fun to watch this season.

Raves:Dallas Mavericks …they pushed their chips to the middle of the table and went all in on Rajon Rondo. Add Rondo to the Mavs that already have  Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis and things will get interesting in Big D. Boston is in full rebuilding mode.  Mavs jumped to title contender status with this move.

Raves: Michigan Wolverines ...for making a bigplay for Jim Harbaugh…will he return to Ann Harbor? Maybe but if he doesn’t they reached high and made it known they are going to make big changes to return to the glory they once had.

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