Smallthoughts: Our top 10 all time NBA Dunkers

This post started out from a tweet I read from ESPN’s Chris Broussard about his list of top NBA all Time Dunkers. Which got me thinking about my list of  10 all time NBA Dunkers. My list my not be your list and vice versa, view this as a fun conversation piece and let’s have some fun with it.

Let’s start at the bottom of the list and work our way to the top.

10. Darrell Griffith- Dr. Dunkinstein  was nothing short of spectacular in college at Louisville under head coach Denny Crum and then took his game to the NBA was an all star. The best thing about this list is many of the famed dunkers on this list squared off against each other in dunk contest. As you can witness in this video with Darrell Griffith.

9. Darnell Hillman– He wasn’t the player Dr. J  or David Thompson was but… he was  true leaper. If you go to the 6.50 mark on the following video you will see Hillman in a slam dunk contest. the second video is rare footage of Hillm,an slamming on 7-2 Artis Gilmore.

8.Larry Nance- Was the 1984 slam dunk champion and who did he beat to win the title? None other than Dr. J. Nance not only slam dunked in the contest but also did some of those same dunks in live games which for it’s time was even more amazing. Athletic and talented a very good solid player in his career.

7. Shawn Kemp – What can you say about Shawn Kemp, the man was highlight dunk machine, raw nasty in your face dunk.

6. Darryl Dawkins Some may disagree with Dawkins being this high but if Shawn Kemp makes the list at 7 then the man who shattered two backboards in game action deserves to be on this list. Got to give Chocolate Thunder his due.

5.Dominique Wilkins– The Human Highlight Film was nothing short of spectacular in his career. Could score and score and score and could dunk dunk and dunk all night with the best of them …actually he was one of the best of them.

4. Vince Carter– the Prince of mid air was soooo good they should rename the Raptor’s home arena after him. his famous dunk on 7 footer Fredrick Weiss made Weiss reject the NBA all together and never came state side to play.

3.Michael Jordan Is the Owner of 6 NBA championships and winner of slam dunk contest belongs on this list …his rock the cradle at Madison square Garden was the stuff of legends.

2. David Thompson – Even Jordan said he patterned his game after this man. Thompson was the reason they use the expression “vertical leap” when describing how high Thompson can jump. Jumped in traffic among big men. Explosive leaper. I would have loved to see him at his prime vs Michael Jordan would have been a great contest .

1.Julius Dr. J Erving– the reason dunking is the art form it is today. He didn’t jump as high as David Thompson but. he could hang in the air and make it look easy. He is the master dunker. Who could forget his rock the cradle against the Lakers on the way to the NBA title back in 1983?

This is my top ten list your list maybe different  or you might have put someone on the list thta isn’t on this one. Which is fine because it is subjective. In either case I hope it creates conversation and that you enjoy the list.

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