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Geno Smith: ”I see myself being the quarterback here for a long time,”

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Geno Smith

Give Geno Smith credit for being confident even when everyone around him isn’t confident in him or his game.

”I see myself being the quarterback here for a long time,” he said Wednesday. Can you say delusional? ”I see myself helping this team turn things around. Obviously, I’m a part of the reason why we’re in this position, so I’d love to be a part of the solution.”

As a jet fan if the only way you want to see Geno Smith as quarterback of this team is as a backup. As as starter he has had two years to be part of the solution. Instead it is painful to watch this team and in particular his play regress, yet Smith insist…”I know that it takes hard work and not everyone is going to see the same things, but within this locker room, within this group of guys, we all see the potential we have as a team,” Smith said. ”Obviously, that’s not saying much with the record that we have right now, but we believe that if we work hard enough and we do what’s right, we can turn things around.”

In 29 NFL games, Smith has 40 turnovers – 34 interceptions and six lost fumbles – along with a paltry 68.4 overall quarterback rating. He has regressed in the eyes of many, with his penchant for staring down receivers something even opponents have pointed out.

”I think he certainly has a chance,” offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said. ”There are some guys that don’t even play for a couple or several years, even. So, he’s got an awful lot of experience banked. I think he’s got a real chance and an opportunity to become a good quarterback. But that’s going to be up to him.”

Which means Smith will need to improve his timing, reading defenses and his consistency.

”He’s young, talented, bright and works hard with his preparation,” Mornhinweg said. ”So, he’s got an awful lot of really good qualities. Nobody’s got the crystal ball, but usually when you work hard and prepare and you’re talented, good things start happening at some point.”

It is my opinion that when Woody decides to clean house of Rex Ryan and John Idzik the new regime will want to bring in their own Quarterback and changes are Geno Smith will not be on this roster.


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