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Woody Johnson cleans house Fires Rex Ryan and John Idzik

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Woody JohnsonRex RyanJohn IdzikWoody Johnson got this one right. It was time to clean house and this time he did just that. To the surprise of no one Johnson fired both General Manager John Idzik and Head Coach Rex Ryan.

“Getting the Jets back on track is my top priority,” Johnson said in a team statement, “and today’s decisions are important steps towards achieving our goals.”

“Over the years, Rex brought the Jets a bold confidence and a couple of great postseason runs, which all of us will remember,” Johnson said.

It has been reported last week that Charley Casserly, a former NFL GM and current NFL Network analyst, and former NFL GM Ron Wolf are being hired by Johnson as consultants. Johnson called them “respected football experts” and they will assist him in making the new hires.

“We will consider all options to improve the Jets,” Johnson said.

This is a crossroads for this franchise, Johnson admitted at the press conference announcing the firings that this is a critical point for this franchise. He needs to get these hires right. He needs to make sure that both the GM and the headcoach are on the same page. He needs to have them set the course for the Jets for sustained success going forward. Look at the Patriots in their division …stability and sustained success yes at the expense of the Jets at times.Even the the Jets co tenants the Giants have been more successful in the time Woody Johnson has owned the team. 2 Super Bowl Championships. This has always alluded this franchise. It is time to not just talk the talk but walk the walk. Cleaning house is the first step toward getting the Jets on track. Now it is up to Woody to listen to his hired consultants and put the right people in place so that this franchise can finally have sustained success.


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