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Is LeBron really thinking about leaving Cleveland again?

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LeBron the cavAfter all he went through the last time he left  Cleveland for Miami, you would think that either LeBron or those close to him would be alittle more guarded about saying things about …leaving Cleveland yet again…that is if this Is to be believed as true… According to Yahoo Sports…Ball don’t lie by Kelly Dwyer on the article “Did LeBron James promise Dwyane Wade they would reunite?” the following quote was allegedly said…The Reddit user claims James said, “Like I said, if we aren’t better this year, we’re gonna reunite again and do some bigger and better things, alright?” Others have parsed it out to, “Listen, we’ve done it before. We’re gonna reunite again and do some better things, alright?”

This can’t be sitting well with the Cleveland fans especially if there is any truth to this. After making such a statement with his love letter to the fans of Cleveland  about coming back home to be perceived as less than focus on winning a championship or to even give the fans the slightest inclination that you are already looking for a escape out of Cleveland could start a revolt especially he he does bolt Cleveland yet again, I hope I am wrong about Lebron leaving Cleveland, just like I was wrong about him ever coming back home again. But his return hasn’t turned out to be what everyone thought it was going to be. You have to consider that …the players there now have to learn how to win and learn how to win with LeBron…not easy …ask Chris Bosh about that last one. Kyrie Irving , Kevin Love and company have been used to losing …now they are the focus of the NBA world and LeBron can opt out after this season so now there is a sense of urgency that changes the landscape for the Cavs.

Don’t forget many experts had predicted that the Cavaliers would be either the one seed or at worse the 2 seed in the East on their way to the NBA finals. They don’t look anything like the team many predicted they would be. After losing a lot in the past three years Cleveland has to learn how to win and it takes time. It took time for Miami to learn to win and that’s with a talented big 3 of Bosh Wade and Lebron. So instead of focusing on his opt out option either people in Lebron’s camp or Lebron himself needs to keep the focus on the here and now and in the words of former raiders Owner Al Davis: “Just Win Baby”.


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