Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: Pete Morelli the referee who threw the flag In the Dallas Cowboys/ Detroit Lions playoff game that was reversed… Face-guarding is not a foul?

Morelli: Face-guarding is not a foul. It is a penalty in college but not in professional football.

Seriously? Since when? It is called Illegal use of the Hands …then it is called Facemask and if it goes against the offense it a 10 yard penalty if it is against the Defense it is 5 yard penalty and a automatic first down, get it right Morelli.

Rants: New York Jets …your coaching search is turning the hot candidate Doug Marrone? that’s got to make Belechick real nervous. In fairness to the Jets, there isn’t that Bill Parcells type coach/ head of football operations out there that will turn this give them creditibility right away.


Rants: Bill Madden and Jon Heyman… Mike Piazza not getting into MLB Hall of Fame. This is a travesty, he is the all time homerun hitter for catchers and has often been the player who carried his team and all time great yet Craig Biggio a very good player, contributed but didn’t carry his team like Piazza did gets in to the Hall of Fame. It’s not right. The reason they gave for not voting for Piazza was the whispers of steroids but there was no proof just hearsay of unnamed players, with Heyman he was asked pointedly asked if he had evidence of Piazza using steroids his reply was yes but when asked what it was …”I can’t say and won’t say”… or just plain I don’t have proof. By the way I don’t understand how Craig Biggio got in the Hall of Fame…a very good player but not someone when I watched play did I say wow he is a all time great a sure hall of famer.

Raves:Randy Johnson… One of the dominate pitchers of his era. At 6’10 he was intimidating as he was delivering the pitch to the batter. Has been know to throw Nolan Ryan like velocity 100 mph. Not sure of he sure go in as a Diamondback or a Seattle Mariner. Johnson was a  five-time Cy Young Award winner with 303 victories and 4,875 strikeouts, Congratulations on getting to the Hall of Fame.

Raves: John Smoltz… I saw enough of John Smoltz pitching against the Mets to know I was watching a Hall of Fame pitcher whether he was a starter or coming out of the bullpen as a closer. Hard to beat.  Smoltz went 213-155 with 154 saves and 3,084 strikeouts, the only pitcher with 200 wins and 150 saves. Smoltz was a 8 time allstar and NLCS 1992 MVP

Raves: Pedro Martinez…was three-time Cy Young winner  Martinez. He was 219-100, struck out 3,154, led the major leagues in ERA five times and in 2004 helped the Boston Red Sox to their first World Series title in 86 years. An 8 time all star, 3 time American League strike out champion. 5 time E.R. A. champion. Well deserved entry to the Hall of Fame.



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