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Smallthoughts: Fox now head Bear, Kubiak is riding Bronco and Marrone is out of the head coaching carousel

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The NFL coaching carousel aka musical chairs is close to finishing it’s tune and the last team without a coach is…the Atlanta Falcons.

For those of you who missed out on the coaches who found a seat(job) here it goes:

The New York Jets fired both Rex Ryan and General Manager John Idzik

Doug Marrone power played a out clause in his contract with the Buffalo Bills and took 4 million to leave Buffalo to head to New York to coach the Jets …not so fast turns out the Jets didn’t get the warm fuzzy with Marrone. The Jets in turn interview several potential head coaching candidates…before choosing Todd Bowles as their head coach.

So with the jets job filled what happened to Marrone’s old job in Buffalo? funny you ask guess who is the New head coach there? None other than Former Jets Head coach…Rex Ryan. Ironically Marrone beat Ryan twice this season 131-26 finished the year 9-7 and it’s Rex Ryan who finished 4-12 with the Jets who is coaching the Bills.

But what really got the coaching carousel off to spinning start was when Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers parted ways and Harbaugh became the new head coach at Michigan. In the meantime Jim Tomsula who was their defensive line coach.

The Raiders hired Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio as their new head coach. Now that brings us to the interesting twist on the coaching carousel…The Bears fired Mark Trestman  which left an opening for Marrone right ? Wrong …right after Denver gets beat by the Colts Elway fires head coach John Fox and the entire coaching staff so Fox and the Bears set up an interview and now the New head coach for the Chicago Bears is…John Fox. Denver then hires the Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, who used to be Elway’s back up QB when they played in Denver is the Broncos new head coach.

So now that brings us to the Atlanta Falcons and their search for a head coach…it is said they are very interested in Dan Quinn Seattle Seahawks  defensive coordinator who can’t accept the position of head coach until after the Super Bowl, which apparently suits the Falcons fine since a death in Owner Arthur Blanks family set things back for a little bit anyway. It was believed that was why Rex Ryan took the Buffalo job even thought he was interested in the falcons job more. He wanted a commitment now and Buffalo was willing Atlanta wanted to wait. So Atlanta waits for Quinn and if Quinn is their guy where does that leave the now out of work but 4 million dollars fatter in the pocket Doug Marrone…out in the cold.

So in summary  Fox is Head bear, Kubiak is riding Bronco, Rex Ryan shuffles off to Buffalo, Todd Bowles over the Jets, Del Rio is the man in Silver and Black, Tomsula is the 49ers coach and Doug Marrone after trying to power play his way to the Jets job and not getting any of the other head coaching jobs had to settle for assistant head coach/ offensive line coach with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Which only goes to show know what kind of leverage you really have.


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