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Memo to Seattle: Do your homework on the Patriots

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In spite of Deflate Gate there will be a game to be played on Sunday, between two very good teams, one looking to add to their collection of Super Bowl trophies (New England Patriots) and another looking to be the first since the Patriots to repeat as Super Bowl Champs (Seattle Seahawks).

On Paper it is a match up of a great offense vs a great Defense. Tom Brady and company vs Richard Sherman and the Legion of Boom. Match ups matter but one piece of advice to the Seahawks …do your homework on the Patriots, prepare for everything ,because there is no tomorrow, they will not hold anything back. Expect the unexpected with the Patriots whether it is crazy formations, deflated footballs and a dead on short passing game to loosen up the defense that goes for the homerun ball once they find Edelman and Gronk. It is the short game the Seahawks have to account for they can’t let Edelman, Gronk and Amendola. The Patriots running attack is something Seattle can’t dismiss once the Patriots run 2 tightend sets expect them to run and run often or even when the add another lineman, expect everything. They make it hard to prepare for them but they are not impossible to beat in the SuperBowl. The Giants beat them not once but twice. Maybe the first was considered a flunk but a second time? They did their homework on the Patriots. Do your homework, study every game film from this season, just don’t try to be macho just be smart, I am a Jet fan and as bad as the Jets were this season they nearly beat the Patriots and that’s with little talent so they can be had. You have more talent and you’re the defending champs, so play like the champs you are.

I am picking the Seattle Seahawks to repeat  in a close and exciting Super Bowl. 23-20



  1. J-Dub says:

    Watch out Russell…the Patriots love to deflate Wilsons.

    I think you are right. Hawks over Pats.

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